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Chiropractor in NY - helps athletes to recover from sports injury

Dr. Shaub Served As The 2008 Newark Bears Professional Baseball Team Chiropractor

Over the last 19 years he’s worked on numerous college D1-D3 athletes. Baseball, softball, football, gymnasts, basketball, track, volleyball to name a few.

His techniques and state of the art equipment enhance performance, help athletes prevent injuries and recover faster.

Conditions he frequently sees that inhibit performance:

As a basic human nature to have met with accidents like sports injuries, spinal misalignment is a common one among athletes. To prevent any further injuries, the best recommendation would be to visit a chiropractor in New York.

Tendinitis is especially seen in sports players, as they often suffer from injury, sprain, and over-exercise. It affects a certain area, joint, or injured part in your body with increased pain.

When we talk about bursitis, the most common causes are overuse or injury. It is mostly reported by sports players like athletes. If you are suffering from the same, visit the best chiropractor in New York immediately.

Sprains, strains, or minor tears are the result of ligament injuries caused due to twisting or wrenching a joint. It is often seen in athlete injury cases.

Dead arm is often caused by overuse when certain motions are repeated, like throwing balls. The most common symptoms are pain, numbness, or weakness in the upper arm, which can be treated via chiropractic techniques.

A hamstring injury occurs when the tendons or major muscles in the back of the leg are strained. It’s a common injury among sports players, and it can range in severity.

Stress fractures are common among athletes. Realign Spine was created to provide patients with acute or chronic pain and spine disorders with inexpensive spine-related therapies.

A chiropractor can assist sports players in easing muscle tension in a different way. It helps instigate nerve signals that relax the muscles by restoring the spine’s proper alignment and motion.

A chiropractor fixes the flat feet to restore the underlying structural imbalance. Flat feet are no different from any other treatable foot ailment and most athletes encounter foot problems related to foot form and overuse.

A neck injury caused by keeping your head in a forward position for a long time. The curvature of the cervical spine, the neck, and the supporting ligaments are all affected by forwarding bending posture.

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