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What Does The Bone Cracking Chiropractor Adjustment Sound Mean?

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If you have ever gone for a chiropractic adjustment, you may have heard the cracking and popping sound of your bones. The question that if the bone-cracking sounds they heard were good or bad for them. The popping and cracking sounds made during the adjustment or when you get up after staying in one position for a long time are often considered the same by people.  

In the blog, we will tell you why you need bone cracking chiropractor care and why you hear the sound of it. We will also talk about whether this sound is good or bad and its effects on your body. 

Why Is The Bone Cracking Sound Made During Chiropractic Care?

When you go to a chiropractor due to restricted movement in your joints or pain in your neck or back, they use chiropractic adjustment treatments to help relieve that pain and regain your complete muscle movement. The bone-cracking sound is a result of chiropractic adjustments that release air pockets or bubbles in your joints. When the bubbles of air pop, it makes bone-cracking sounds. 

The most important area that chiropractor focuses on is the spinal region of the body. It is also the source that controls the mobility of the whole body. A chiropractor manipulates the troublesome areas of the body to help the joints get sufficient movement space. The benefits of releasing the pressure of gas from our joints are many.   

What Does The Bone Cracking Sound Mean During The Adjustment?

The chiropractic adjustment majorly focuses on an individual’s neck and spinal region. If you are facing any problems in the neck and shoulder, then a chiropractic adjustment can help. Our spinal joints are known as synovial because they make synovial fluid that keeps our joints healthy and working smoothly by lubricating them. The result of the production of spinal fluid is the creation of Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Oxygen (O2), and also Nitrogen (N). The release of these gases from the joints is essential because it can cause interference with the nerve signals in your body. 

When a chiropractor cracks your back, he separates the joint slightly and decreases the pressure of the gas from the nerves, which releases the tension from the body. The decline in pressure will further lead to significant health improvements such as reduced headaches, body pain, and neck pain. 

Are Bone Cracking Chiropractor Sound Good Or Bad During The Adjustment

There are several myths about bone cracking, and some individuals may find it scary. The quick movement the chiropractor uses may lead to questions in your mind, especially when you hear a pop sound coming from your body. But the important thing to look at here is that the sound of bone popping has nothing to do with bone adjustment. Instead, it results from the release of byproducts of synovial fluid from in-between the joints. 

The people who are scared of the sound or the procedure should not be afraid because the procedure is done by professionals who know how the human body works and understand its mechanism. 

Do not let the popping sounds you hear stop you from getting all the benefits that a chiropractic adjustment can offer you. The effects of the pop are immediate, and you will feel relaxed instantly. The adjustment relieves you from all the stiffness and pain you have been feeling lately. 

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What Are The After-Effects Of Bone Cracking/ Chiropractic Care?

The adjustment relieves the joint from all the pressure and allows them to move freely. It allows you to gain your full body movement with no difficulty. Immediately after the chiropractic treatment, some individuals may feel a little sore in the parts that the chiropractor treated. After the adjustment, you can also feel slight pain, weakness, and headache. However, these symptoms last only for some hours or a maximum of twenty-four hours and are not severe. However, there are also people who do not feel any of these symptoms and just enjoy the positive after-effects of the adjustment. 

A chiropractic adjustment is a natural procedure that only uses pressure techniques to relieve the individual of any spinal problem they are facing. The chiropractors do not use any surgery or hurt your bones during the whole process. Chiropractic care is a safe and non-invasive procedure that means no side effects. 

Is It Possible To Have A Chiropractic Adjustment Without Hearing Cracking?

The majority of chiropractors are trained in such a way that they can do the bone popping chiropractor adjustments without the cracking sound. It is ideal for people afraid of hearing the popping sound during adjustments. 

In certain cases, it is not recommended for chiropractors to make adjustments with sound. Particularly on individuals who have some specific conditions, such as Osteopenia, who had spinal surgery, and individuals with metastatic cancers. There are certain methods that chiropractors use to align the vertebrae without the cracking sound from the spine. 

There are some reasons why you may have adjustments with no cracking sound

  • The chiropractor you are going to is inexperienced
  • Your spine was too stiff 
  • The adjustment was inaccurate

Do Not Try To Pop Your Own Back

The popping sound during a chiropractic adjustment is very normal. However, if you plan to adjust your spine by yourself, it can cause serious damage to your back. 

Chiropractors are professionals and know how to work with delicate parts of our bodies without causing any harm. A bone cracking chiropractor is specially trained to treat the problems that are related to the spine. There can be severe consequences if you do this adjustment without the proper knowledge and what type of technique should be used in the affected area. If you perform the procedure wrong, it can cause complete paralysis, pinched nerves in the lower part of your spine, cauda equina syndrome, and even stroke. It can also even worsen your problem further instead of treating it. 

Therefore, it would be an ideal choice to consult an expert chiropractor when you are feeling any kind of problem with your back or neck or loss of mobility. 


Do you feel the need to get your back adjusted but are afraid of the bone-cracking sound? It may not sound as appealing, but cracking your back will provide instant relief and improve joint mobility. You can book an appointment with Realign Spine to get the expert treatment. The chiropractor at our clinic will successfully treat your condition using specialized treatment plans.  

Spinal adjustment using bone cracking chiropractor treatment is the most successful, non-invasive, and drug-free way to treat long-term spine problems and back pain. The expert at our clinic specializes in correcting headaches, neck pain, low back pain, shoulder pain, sciatica, etc.   


Is It Good To Get Your Bones Cracked By A Chiropractor?

Yes, getting your spinal bone cracked or adjusted by a chiropractor can help relieve your back and neck pain. It also keeps your spine from shifting or pressing the main nerves in your body. 

What Happens To Your Body When A Chiropractor Cracks?

When a chiropractor cracks your back, they are practically shifting your joints a little to release the air pockets affecting your mobility. The stretched joint tissues give enough space to release the air and relieve the pressure on your nerves. The air pockets pop, creating a cracking sound as a result. 

How Long Do Chiropractic Side Effects Last?

The most common symptoms of chiropractic adjustment are sore and aching muscles. It is not common for everybody to feel these symptoms, but if you do, they will last only a few hours after the adjustment. The maximum amount of time they will last is twenty-four hours. 

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