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If you are suffering from back pain, you know how uncomfortable it is. It can stop you from living an amazing life and make everyday work difficult. And if you think it cannot get worse, then think about that pain spreading from your lower back to your hip and leg. Yes, it is a possibility if you don’t get timely treatment. And for that, you need a well-trained professional who can treat your problem through non-invasive procedures. A chiropractor for sciatica pain treatment is the best choice that you can make.

Some individuals look for a way to treat their pain without taking medicines or undergoing surgery. And for those, chiropractic care is the best option. It is a popular treatment style that is used to treat sciatica pain. It can help ease the pain without surgery or invasive treatment plans. This practice is considered safe and the best for spinal problems. 

Sciatica: Definition, Causes, Symptoms, And Treatment Options

Sciatica nerve pain results from a pinched nerve, also known as the Sciatic nerve. The ache and discomfort of sciatica can travel from your lower back to the hip and down to the leg. There are several spinal problems that can lead to sciatica pain, including slipped or bulging discs, spinal tumors, subluxation, and even sitting on something uneven. 

People generally only feel the effects of this problem on one side of the body. The pain can range anywhere from mild to extreme. It can make your leg and foot feel extremely weak or numb. 


Several possibilities can cause sciatica pain:

  • If you have gone through an injury like spraining your lower back.
  • In instances of disc deterioration, which can result from old age and wear and tear of the spinal discs.
  • Bone spur growth makes it difficult for nerves to pass through the body parts.
  • A herniated disc, wherein a damaged tissue can put pressure on the nerve.


The symptoms of sciatica include pain that will start from your lower back and expand to the areas like the hip and down the leg. If you feel any pain or discomfort in this area on either side of your body, then the chances are high of you suffering from sciatica. But the most common path that sciatica pain follows is the lower back, buttocks, back of the thigh, and calf. You will feel a burning or prickling sensation down the whole path. While standing, it can cause your leg to go numb, or you may feel immense pain. Furthermore, it can cause breathing difficulty and make you anxious. 


If you have sciatica and don’t know what type of treatment will best suit your needs, then a professional chiropractor should be your first choice. Sciatica pain is not curable, but there are treatments that can help you provide relief. A chiropractor can help you treat problems using various techniques, all of which include non-invasive methods.  

What Types Of Medical Doctors Can Help Find Relief?

You should pay a visit to the chiropractor if you are looking for an expert to help you relieve your lower back pain. A chiropractor specializes in sciatic pain treatment and spinal adjustments. The treatments provided by a chiropractor focus on the root cause and help you fix the problem from deep within. 

You should also know that treatments for sciatica pain include physical therapy, surgery, and medicines. A chiropractor can help you using physical and medicinal methods. However, you will need surgery if you are in really bad shape. Before you go to a chiropractor, make sure you know about the procedure. On your first appointment, the chiropractor will do a proper examination and tell you the best treatment to help with your pain. 

What Should You Do Before You See A Chiropractor?

If you are unsure about the problem you are dealing with, you should go and see a neurologist or orthopedist first. They will be able to detect the actual cause of your pain and suggest a treatment plan accordingly. 

Also, you should avoid doing extreme physical workouts or exercises because it can put a strain on your spine. Also, you should not do any major lifestyle changes before the consultation. All this can cause more harm to your body than good.   

Different Problems Caused By Sciatica

There are various types of treatment options that can offer you relief from your pain, such as:

Back Pain

Back pain is uncomfortable, and to deal with that pain, you are going to need manual therapies and chiropractic adjustments. It can help with sciatica pain and offer relaxation from the pain. You can reduce sciatica pain symptoms with the help of chiropractic care. 

Damage To The Nerves

If you lose the feeling in your hands or leg, a chiropractor for sciatica can treat these neuropathic conditions. These problems cannot be treated with surgery, but a manual adjustment can fix the problem. It is because your nerves are not squished because of a bone spur. But because of the muscle linked to the nerves in the spinal area.  

Work-Related Injury

In case you suffer a serious injury at work in the sciatic area, it focuses more on one side of your body compared to the other. That is when you should immediately go and seek advice from a chiropractor for sciatic nerve pain. They will be able to examine the problem better and treat you using the best possible plan. It will not just help with your problem but also reduce the risk of long-lasting damage to the body. 

Pregnancy-Related Sciatica 

When chiropractic care is used with other treatments like physical therapy and medicine, it can help a pregnant woman. When multiple treatments are used together, they can provide an additional benefit in reducing your sciatic-caused lower back pain.  

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How Can A Chiropractor Help With Sciatica?

chiropractor for sciatica can help reduce sciatica pain and improve your body’s movement. If you want a non-invasive or drug-free way to get rid of sciatica pain, then getting chiropractic treatment should be your go-to choice. The treatment also stops the pain and problem from happening again. 

The pain from this problem can come with a painful and tight band of muscles known as trigger points. Also, people with sciatica can feel these muscles react perfectly to chiropractic adjustments, dry needling, and soft tissue mobilization. The main aim of a manual chiropractic adjustment is to relax the tight muscles in the body. 

Sciatica is different for every individual. Thus, a chiropractor treats your problem using a personalized plan. Not just manual adjustment, but a chiropractor can suggest some exercises and, if required, give you pain medication.   

How Many Visits Are Required To Get Better?

If you have an injury or are recovering from one, a chiropractor for sciatica can advise you on how many treatments it will take to fix the problem. How many times you should visit the chiropractor is based on your condition. Also, several other factors, such as your age and medical history, can influence the number of visits. In some scenarios, the treatment can last for months; in others, it only takes a couple of weeks. 

For instance, you will need more sittings if you have a serious injury like a torn ligament. However, if the case is just a minor problem like a muscle pull, you only have to go for a couple of visits to feel better. 


A lot of people deal with back pain every year. As per reports, every 1 out of 5 individuals is currently dealing with the problem in the United States. If you are struggling with lower back pain or feel numbness in any of your body parts, then the best chiropractor for sciatica pain is available at Realign Spine. Our chiropractor is an expert with years of experience treating people with spine problems. You can book an appointment and visit the clinic for a chiropractic adjustment

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