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Auto Injury Chiropractor: Learn Everything About It Here

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Every year, millions of people are injured in car accidents. A major or minor injury caused by accident affects the whole body. An auto injury chiropractor or chiropodist treats different types of injuries by using natural techniques. Unfortunately, people don’t realize the importance of physical therapy in the beginning. 

You may experience minor pain in the affected body organ when you are injured in a car accident. But this little ache can lead to disability in the future if not treated on time. On the other hand, treatment of injuries that involve surgery often comes with greater risk. 

According to the experts, seeking chiropractic treatment after an auto injury can reduce the life threat by 40 percent. So, when is the right time to seek this treatment? Like other people, you may also ask this question. Through this post, learn everything about auto-injury chiropodists.

Different Injuries Caused By Car Accidents

When we ride in a car, our body experiences a great force due to movement. Even frequent brakes or collisions can result in serious injury. Most people lost their lives in fatal accidents. Some injuries result in blood loss, while others are internal, which turns into a chronic condition. Common injuries caused by a car accident are as follows:

Leg Injuries

The injury in a leg occurs when the upper body hits the forward dashboard. A larger force throws the upper body in the front direction while the lower body feels the pressure. As a result, there are bruises, muscle spasms, and fractures in the leg.

Back Injuries

The main cause of back injury is the force that transmits through the spine. Due to this, there is stiffness and pain in the back. Some people feel chronic pain after a few days of the accident. Back injuries need to be treated urgently to avoid future disability.


One of the common auto injuries is whiplash. More than 40% of Americans suffer from this injury every year. The main cause of whiplash is the collision when the head moves back and forth. It results in a great force that makes the neck hit. Some common symptoms of whiplash injury are as follows:

  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Severe neck pain
  • Tiredness
  • Depression
  • Difficulty in sleeping
  • Blurred vision
  • Pain in the shoulder
  • Difficulty in movement
  • Ringing in the ear

One of the effective ways to treat whiplash is to take chiropractic therapy. When you notice these symptoms, it’s a sign to contact an auto injury chiropractor.

Benefits Of Chiropractic Treatment For Auto Injury

An auto disaster can happen in a blink. Frequent treatment can reduce the risk of cell damage. One trusted way to reduce the risk is to get chiropractic treatment. You may not know, but chiropractic treatment has several benefits. Some of them are mentioned below:

Reduce The Risk Of Inflammation

Whenever our body faces cell damage, it results in inflammation. It also indicates that the body will heal itself from the damage. Pain caused during an auto injury is an indication of inflammation. One common issue people face is stretch in the muscles and ligaments. When the pain stays for a longer time, it causes regular numbness in an organ. 

That’s why experts recommend going with chiropractic treatment. It helps the body to release anti-inflammatory substances in the body. A chiropodist uses muscle adjustment to bring instant pain relief.

Provide Pain Relief

After an auto injury, some people feel chronic pain. The reason behind this effect is the result of trauma. Whenever there is pressure on the spine, it dislocates the joints. As a result, the injured body part feels chronic pain. When you take a chiropractic treatment, it brings instant pain relief. The natural process used in the therapy increases the body’s flexibility. 

Experts used their hands to adjust the spine to the right position. One of the best parts of this treatment is that it doesn’t include any use of pain-relieving medicines.

Restore Body Motion

Most injuries caused by auto accidents affect the organ’s motion. You may not feel any pain after an injury. But there are huge chances of impairment after a few days of injury. According to the research, the most affected organs in a car accident are the neck and back. Auto injury chiropractors restore body motion. 

In the different sessions, they work on increasing the blood flow in the body. These experts use the right-hand temperature to position the spinal cord’s ligaments. As a result, the joints become mobilized again.

Prevent Scar Tissue

The body of our tissue turns into a scar after an auto injury. It is normal for this tissue to develop by itself. Unfortunately, this scar tissue is the main cause of stiffness and long-term pain. When you take the chiropodist treatment, it prevents scar tissue from forming. Various natural processes are used to break the tissue from the affected area. Auto injury chiropodists make an area so that the body heals naturally.

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Different Chiropractic Treatments For Auto Injury

The majority of injuries damage the body from the inside. It’s easier for doctors to identify the damage caused by normal injuries. But when there is internal damage, it’s harder to diagnose. An auto injury chiropodist uses their specialized diagnosis to determine long-term chronic disease causes. There are different chiropractic treatments used to treat various auto injuries:

Spinal Manipulation

Spinal manipulation is one of the common treatments used to treat an auto injury and is an effective way to treat the condition of whiplash. This chiropractic comprises three techniques: specific spine movement, instrument-assisted, and flexion-distraction. 

Chiropodists select the type based on the injuries and damage already done to the body. During the process, an expert uses a hand-held tool to adjust joints. Using the force of the hand, chiropodists naturally restore the spine’s motion.

Traction Therapy

In this treatment, an auto-injury chiropractor applies pressure on the patient’s head, limbs, and back. It is the most effective way to treat joint, back, and limbs pain. Another way people take traction therapy is by getting pain relief caused by a herniated disc. Chiropodists use this technique to improve their posture. In some conditions, experts used a wedge system to increase the pressure when manual force didn’t work. 

Hot And Cold Therapy

Hot and cold chiropody therapy is one of the best ways to relieve pain. In this treatment, chiropodists use cold and heating pads on the injured part of the muscle. It is beneficial in getting relief from pain, swelling, and torn muscles. During a car accident, the pressure on joints blocks the blood flow to the body’s different organs. 

Experts perform hot and cold therapy in sessions to improve blood flow in the body. The type of therapy depends on the extent of muscle damage caused by an auto injury.

Whiplash Therapy

Single damage to the neck when the head is hit backward or forward causes whiplash. The pain caused by it can be severe or mild. In the early stages of whiplash therapy, chiropodists focus on reducing inflammation. An expert uses gentle stretching to reduce neck pain. 

It also involves techniques like ultrasound, light neck support, and cold pressure to improve the flexibility of the neck. Once the pain in the neck reduces, chiropodists focus on spine adjustment to restore the motion of joints in the neck.


It is the final stage, where the chiropodist suggests a list of exercises for fast recovery. After restoring the motion of the injured organ by using various techniques, experts ask you to do gentle exercises. The goal of this therapy is to fasten the healing process of the damaged organ. Every patient has to do a different exercise related to stretching the body muscles.

How Does A Chiropractor Treat Various Auto Injuries?

The technique used for treating various injuries depends on the type of auto injury. Chiropractic therapy is widely used for the neck, back, shoulder, ankle, and knee injuries. 

First of all, experts perform the diagnosis process. They used various tests like blood tests, ultrasounds, MRIs, etc. Once they know the affected area, they use a reliable treatment process to treat it. Each auto injury chiropodist has skills in the adjustment of the spine, and by using their hand’s pressure, they position the affected bones. As a result, tension relieves the body, which provides instant pain relief. 

To start the therapy, chiropractors may ask you questions related to your health. They can also perform the exam on posture, balancing, and spine. The next step is to examine the damaged tissues or cells during an auto injury. Based on this information, the expert will select the right chiropody therapy for you.

If the injury relates to the spine, the expert prefers spine manipulation. A chiropodist will place you properly in this treatment and perform manual impulses to the spine or joint. Due to this, pressure is released, which aligns the muscles and joints in a proper position. There may also be a cracking sound during this therapy. Other treatments like heat, ice, and electric stimulation also treat injuries caused during a car accident.

Should I See A Chiropodist Right After An Auto Injury?

When you get an injury in a car accident, the next thing you should do is take medical care. However, some injuries are internal and don’t show the damage at the moment. Some examples are whiplash and internal bleeding. Once you get medical help, then seek a chiropodist. Most car accident lawyers also suggest taking chiropody treatment for internal injury.

You should get the treatment within the next 72 hours of the accident. After a few days, internal neck, back, and leg injuries start showing side effects. Waiting for a long time to find the right treatment only makes the injury worse with time. 

Auto-injury chiropractors treat problems by using natural physiotherapy. It is highly recommended to go for chiropody treatment after getting auto injuries. Here are also some reasons to seek chiropodist care after auto injuries:

  • The chiropodist also diagnoses unknown injuries which you or the doctor may not know. Their diagnosis finds out the causes of internal spine injury.
  • There is less risk associated with these treatments. Experts don’t prescribe the medication during the therapy. 
  • Immediate therapy increases the chances of your fast recovery. Moreover, they also suggest exercises to strengthen the affected area of the body.

How To Know If Chiropody Care Is Working For Yourself?

People often ask how we can check if chiropodist care is working. The simple answer to this question is how often you take the treatment. When you start taking therapy for injury, you notice various improvements. One of the common ways to tell if chiropractic works for you is pain relief.

An auto injury results in chronic pain for days or weeks. The majority of people seek a chiropodist to get relief from this pain. Here are the signs which show chiropody treatment works:

Pain Relief

The simple way to see the effectiveness of therapy is pain relief. Injuries caused to the tissues take time to recover. But when you take chiropody care, you start seeing the result as pain relief from the first session. Patients start noticing a drop in pain by 80% within a couple of weeks. During a neck or back injury, a spinal manipulation technique focuses on reducing the pain. The whole recovery from injury takes time in chiropractic care. 

Better Mobility

Injuries to the back or neck affect mobility. People are unable to move due to the soreness in the tissue. Testing your mobility is another sign to check if chiropody treatment works. Experts use various therapies to reduce the chances of scar tissue formation. As a result, patients experience better mobility. If you can move the injured part properly, then therapy works properly.

Feeling More Relaxed

The goal of chiropody care is to help your body relax. It decreases anxiety levels and also helps with stress. The results in lower stress levels start showing in a couple of weeks. Chiropractic care works for you if you feel more relaxed after taking therapy.

How Often Should I Seek An Auto Injury Chiropodist?

The frequency of your chiropodist visit depends on the type of auto injury you got. Chiropractic care is a manual therapy that takes time. Experts, after seeing your recovery suggest how often you should attend the therapy session. When the damage is in your spine, you may need multiple therapies to align it. 

Based on your current condition, the chiropodist may suggest you take therapy multiple times a week. The common period for treatment is two times a week for 2-3 months. According to experts, frequent therapy sessions effectively treat severe auto injuries. However, the frequency of sessions reduces when you start healing faster. 

It is recommended to visit a chiropractor for auto injuries to reduce the chances of recurring pain in the future. Experts also suggest periodic therapy even after full recovery.

When To Stop Taking Chiropractic Care For An Auto Injury?

Most don’t know when to stop taking chiropody treatment. You should consult with your chiropodist before discontinuing the treatment. In case of a faster healing process, experts may recommend you attend more sessions. It is due to monitoring the formation of new tissues in the body. We advised you to stop taking chiropractic care if you see experience any of the following:

No Pain Relief

It is common to have pain after an injury. Different people may experience pain ranging from acute to chronic. If you don’t get pain relief from 2-3 sessions, it is best to discontinue the therapy. Although, getting a full result takes time in chiropractic care. You should also consult your doctor before leaving the therapy. There are chances chiropodists suggest you exercise or other therapy for instant pain relief.

No Improvement

Every auto injury is treated with different chiropody therapy. When you don’t see an improvement in mobility within 2-4 weeks, it is a sign the therapy is not working. You can discontinue the treatment or ask for other therapies. When you talk about this problem with an expert, they perform the diagnosis process to get an overview of your present condition. Based on that, the chiropodist suggests another therapy for improving your mobility.

Absence Of Symptoms

When you recover completely from the injury, you can stop taking chiropody care. Spine manipulation also prevents pain in the future. It is good for a few sessions after properly healing an injured body part. When it is given for the long term, it is not useful. You should avoid the treatment when you fully recover from an auto injury.

How To Find The Best Auto Injury Chiropractor For Treatment?

An injury leaves long-term effects on the body. Small damage to the body can turn into a disability if not treated on time. It’s difficult for people to find an auto injury chiropractor in Jackson heights. Different clinics provide chiropody care to treat various injuries. But the question is selecting the best from the long list. Here are some proven tips on selecting the best chiropodist for yourself:

Check Experience

Auto injuries like whiplash, back pain, and strains are hard to diagnose. A chiropractor who has experience can help you in healing faster. Always selects an experienced chiropodist who has expertise in various treatments. You can check their total years of service in various auto injuries. Moreover, research chiropodist services on the website and local listing sites.

Use Local Search

Using the local search feature if you are a resident of Jackson Heights or the surrounding area. You can easily find the best chiropractor by using the local directory of these experts. Moreover, visit their clinic(if possible) to get an overview of their services. The advantage of using this step is to have an idea of different chiropractors in your area.

Check Certifications

Certification or degree is proof that chiropodists have proper training. Research if the expert is certified by an accredited organization. Your priority should be to select only a certified chiropractor for yourself. Ask for recommendations from your doctor or family to get the best chiropodist in Jackson Heights. 


The impact of auto injuries can be long-lasting on the body. There are different ways to treat injuries caused during a car accident. One of the ways to seek an auto-injury chiropractor. These experts use natural therapy to provide instant pain relief. Chiropodists don’t use various medications, which makes it a risk-free treatment for various injuries. You should check the experience, certification, and type of treatment while selecting a chiropractor for yourself. 

Realign Spine offers expert-tested therapy for various auto injuries. We have experienced chiropractors who use non-invasive ways to bring instant pain relief. Our services include arm numbness, sciatica, back pain, etc. For more info, contact us at +1 888-269-7246.

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