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Non-Surgical Facelift: Surgery Is Not The Only Option For Reducing Face Wrinkles?

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Will you believe it if I say some people think that avoiding facial expressions such as smiling would also help them avoid wrinkles? I know you must be laughing at this absurd statement, and why not? But there are a bunch of people who fall for this myth by looking at the gentle and wrinkle-free skin of celebrities. 

Also, you must have heard celebrities saying that ‘No, we have not used cosmetic surgeries,’ and you believe that they are lying. But it’s actually true, we are living in 2021, and there exist several high-tech treatments that refine, smoothen, tighten your skin without having a medical operation. Now you must be wondering how to reduce wrinkles on your face naturally? How to remove wrinkles overnight? Which treatment should help me? And tons of similar questions. Non-surgical facelift is the answer to all your questions. 

A non-surgical facelift has emerged as the best treatment for deep wrinkles on the face. This technique helps to lift, shape, and smoothen the skin without any surgery. It remodels the size and structure of the face and helps to rejuvenate and improve the overall look of the face for a few years. 

Before going further, let’s find out are there any hidden dangers of non-surgical facelifts like facial surgeries? The answer is no. But you might observe a temporary swelling, discomfort, and bruising around your face. 

Components Of Non-Surgical Facelift

The following are a few components of a non-surgical facelift:

  • Ultherapy: The skin naturally starts losing its elasticity as it ages. Ultherapy is regarded as one of the innovative and non-invasive technologies out there. It is also the best non-surgical facelift method 2020 witnessed a massive number of Ultherapy treatments. It generally does nothing for the elasticity of the skin but helps to tighten it. The use of high-powered ultrasound heats the skin tissues and triggers the production of natural collagen and elastin, which help revive the skin from inside out. The treatment usually takes about an hour which can last for around six months. 
  • Dermal fillers: The foundation of non-surgical treatments that help restore volume along cheeks, lips, temples, and under the eye. It eliminates dark shadows, sunken areas and creates liveliness. Generally, it is made up of moisture-rich Hyaluronic Acid (HA), while the result can last from six months to one year. 
  • Botox: If you are constantly looking for things like how to remove wrinkles from your face quickly? Or what is the best treatment for wrinkles on the face? Then this most known non-surgical facelift may help you. Studies reveal that it offers unmatched wrinkle reduction. Botox is commonly used to smoothen forehead creases, frown lines, or those fine lines around your eye area. It works on any wrinkle. Furthermore, instant results are not observed while the benefit can last for like three months.
  • Thermage: You might know Jennifer Aniston, who played the character of Rachel in the famous TV show called ‘Friends.’ You won’t believe that she uses thermage to smoothen and tighten the skin. Also, doctors suggest that it is a quick, one-and-done treatment. Generally, it is a non-invasive radiofrequency cosmetic procedure that helps to remove the visible signs of aging. For those who want to improve their jawline, this can be the best non-invasive method. 
  • Thread lift: Unlike facial surgeries, a semi-invasive method known as thread lift helps to tighten your skin without removing it. Apart from physically lifting and tightening your skin, it also helps to boost collagen production in the affected area. Also, collagen plays a very significant role in improving the condition of your skin. The results of this technique can easily last for one to three years. 
  • Fat injections: It is a semi-invasive procedure. In liposuction, fatty tissues are extracted from different areas of the body. After cleaning and processing these fat cells, they are reinjected into the face to improve the facial volume. The new cells amalgamate with existing tissues. The results generally last for several years. 

Why Is Non-Surgical Facelift Better Than Facial Surgery?

The following points demonstrate why people should prefer non-surgical facelifts over facial surgeries. 

  • Less expensive: Mom-invasive facelifts would cost you very little as compared to surgical facelifts. The average cost for a surgical facelift is $7600, while a botox would only cost you $400. Generally, a thermage also costs not more than $1000. 
  • Less risk: With non-surgical facelifts, general anesthesia and large incisions are not required. Also, the chances are pretty low as compared to surgical cosmetic procedures. 
  • Less discomfort: These procedures generally have mild reactions such as redness, bruising, swelling, while in the case of Rhytidectomy ( the surgical operation to remove wrinkles is called Rhytidectomy), the reactions are not the same. 
  • Take very little time to complete: Generally, it hardly takes an hour to complete a non-surgical facelift. 

Home Remedies To Prevent Wrinkles

One day or another, the natural aging process would cause us to develop wrinkles. Generally, wrinkles start to be noticed after the age of 40 on the human body. Studies reveal that genetics play a very significant role in the development of wrinkles. Also, smoking, sun exposure, improper diet are somewhere equally important. We have made a list that includes several home remedies to prevent wrinkles. Let’s have a look at them. 

  • Use of Aloe Vera: We all know the health benefits of aloe vera, and people have been using it for centuries to get rid of multiple ailments. Several studies suggest that a daily aloe gel supplement would reduce the appearance of wrinkles on your body. Also, applying aloe gel to the skin adds collagen and hydrates the skin. 
  • Banana Mask: Studies reveal that natural oils and vitamins boost the health of the skin. To make a banana mask, mask 1/4th of the banana and make a smooth paste. Then gently put the thin layer of banana mask on your face and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes. After that, rinse it off with warm water. 
  • Avoid sun exposure: Generally, everyone knows that the sun can damage your skin, leading to premature aging. People also use sunscreen when they go out. To safeguard yourself from harmful UV rays, use an SPF of between 30 to 50 every day. For extra protection, a hat can be used. 
  • Eat Healthy Food: Foods such as artichokes, cinnamon, chia seeds, ginger, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, walnuts, and many more are generally referred to as superfoods for a reason. These foods are pretty rich in health-benefiting nutrients. A study revealed that women consuming more superfoods have fewer wrinkles than those who eat fried or junk food. 
  • Regular massages: Researchers have found that the use of a handy massager can help prevent wrinkles. A massager helps smoothen the skin. No need to worry if you don’t have a device, a regular massage for three to five minutes would give the same results. Don’t spend too much on spas and massage salons; just massage yourself firmly with your fingers to prevent or reduce wrinkles. 

Don’t forget to check out the Realign Spine for more details on non-surgical facelifts or spine-related problems. Furthermore, suppose you are interested in tightening your skin, removing wrinkles, or contouring your face using non-surgical treatments. In that case, you need to check Realign Spine’s contour light or wrinkle reduction services. 

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