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Best Orthotics For Flat Feet: Do They Benefit You?

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Our feet are the most exploited and neglected part of our bodies. People tend to ignore issues related to the foot. But ignorance of foot issues can lead to several other health issues affecting the body negatively. Therefore you should never ignore foot issues.

Our feet enable us to stand all day. We can not even imagine walking, standing, running, working, or playing without feet. Discomfort and pain in the foot can ruin your day. Many people suffer from foot problems. One among many is the problem of flat feet which is very common. But thankfully, we have orthotics for flat feet to save our day and offer relief to us.

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In this blog, we will offer some insights about flat feet, how orthotics can help, whether they work, types of orthotics for feet, their benefits, and the best custom orthotics for feet.

What Are Flat Feet?

A flat foot is a condition when the entire base or lower part of the foot touches the ground. There is no arc formed in the soul. In a normal foot, an arch is formed when we keep our feet on the floor. It may result from injuries or wear and tear during childhood or adulthood, obesity, aging, high blood pressure, diabetes, genetics, etc. They can cause pain in the heels and ankles and negatively affect the hips, lower back, and knee. It is often treated with orthotics.

What Are Orthotics For Flat Feet? Do They Benefit You?

Orthotics are medical aides that are used to treat it. These are the noninvasive and nonsurgical solutions for the flat fleet. These devices offer relief from inflammation, pain, and other discomforts arising from this condition and facilitate better mobility.


Following are the benefits that orthotics give-

  • They provide support and cushioning to the feet to perform daily activities easily.
  • Orthotics can evenly distribute pressure on the feet.
  • They improve the health of ankle, heels, and knee pain.
  • They can help protect you from possible back, lower back, spinal, and knee complications.
  • Flat feet may cause inflammation and pain, and orthotics can help relieve them.
  • They can help return your foot to proper alignment.
  • They will help absorb sudden shocks in the foot.
  • Improve balance.

Do Orthotics Work For Flat Feet?

Yes, there are orthotics that work. But, you should be careful when choosing orthotics. Choose a good quality one for the best results. Choose one with good quality cushioning according to your need and desirable comfort. The orthotics you buy should fit you well, and the size should be perfect. 

They will help you with knee and ankle pain also. Along with providing relief and better support for daily work, they will also help you avoid the complications that may arise from flat feet. Orthotics can reposition the foot’s structure to provide relief, aid proper movement, and avoid chances of injury.

Custom Orthotics For Flat Feet

Customized ones are the best. It will be best if you visit a chiropractor. They can treat your foot with nonsurgical methods, and also they can provide you with customized orthotics. The customization they do will be based on various measurements and scans that will fit you perfectly. They treat every person as unique and believe in providing custom orthotics for feet to every individual. However, the level of cushioning and arches also differ.

Note: Although over-the-counter orthotics are easily available and low-priced. But they may not offer you relief, support, and the comfort you need. They are not customized and are not always good in quality. There is also a possibility that poorly fitted orthotics may create discomfort for you furthermore.

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Types Of Orthotics

Orthotics are of three types. They are mentioned below; the type of orthotics you need will depend upon the condition of your feet.

1.Soft Orthotics

These are made up of soft material. They are compressible and easy on the feet. These are highly recommended in case of loss of fatty tissues on the sides of the foot. They are useful in absorbing shocks and maintaining body balance. They also take the stress off painful sore spots.

2. Semi-Rigid Orthotics

It has a layer of soft material and a layer of rigid material. It is neither soft nor hard. They are specially designed for sportspersons. They allow for properly balancing feet while performing various sports and athletic activities.

3. Rigid Orthotics

It is made up of hard material. They offer proper control of foot functions and movements. These orthotics relieve pain in the thighs, legs, and lower back due to bad foot functioning.

Can A Chiropractor Help Flat Feet?

A chiropractor can do wonders when it comes to treating flat feet. They are medical professionals involved in using nonsurgical and noninvasive methods to improve and treat mechanical disorders of the body. Their primary focus is to treat neuromuscular and nervous disorders, but they are not limited to these.

One of the conditions which a chiropractor can effectively treat is orthotics. Chiropractors use massages, spinal manipulations, activation methods, spinal decompression, hot and cold treatments, and various diversified methods.

  • They can provide various massages and do mechanical realignments of your foot if your flat feet issue is due to that.
  • They are the best when it comes to suggesting orthotics for your feet. They can provide custom orthotics to help you get immediate relief and comfort.
  • They can also treat other conditions like knee pain, ankle pain, hip pain, lower back pain, etc.

One of the best chiropractors for flat feet is Dr. Mishael Shaub of  Realign Spine. His experience and expertise have helped many patients to get effectively treated and relieved from pain and discomfort.

They can treat flat feet conditions efficiently, making your life easier and more productive. They have treated many people with success.


Flat feet can hamper your daily life and reduce your mobility and productivity. Do not take it lightly. Ignoring this issue can lead to several other problems and make you suffer more. Your health should be your priority, and to live comfortably, matters the most. 

Get yourself orthotics with consultation with a chiropractor. If you are looking for orthotics for flat feet at Jackson Heights, visit Realign Spine. We provide the best treatments. Our treatment plan includes various types of massages and mechanical adjustments based on the condition of your feet. We also recommend the best-customized orthotics for your feet. 

The doctor at Realign Spine, Mr. Michael Shaub, is very experienced and compassionate. His friendly behavior makes the patient feel very comfortable. He deals with various other issues such as s with Sports injuries, Nutrition, and Neck issues, as well as Scoliosis and Posture Rehab.

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