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Heal Your Sports Injuries With Sports Injury Chiropractor

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Being a sportsperson requires participation in various physical activities. These activities include running, jumping, exercising, and many more movements. This may lead to sports injuries. A sports injury chiropractor can help you heal and suggest ways to prevent them.

Chiropractors are skilled in treating sports injuries related to the shoulder, neck, backbone, ankle, etc. They treat the injuries through manual adjustments and manipulations. This helps in the optimum functioning of the body. A sports injury chiropractor helps relieve pain from the affected area and provides comfort.

There are various treatment options available for a chiropractor sports injury. These include spinal mobilization, simple stretches, electric stimulation, massages, hot and cold therapies, etc. This blog aims to tell you about sports injury chiropractor services. You will know how they can help treat your injuries and prevent their recurrence.

Types Of Sports Injuries

A sports injury can be overwhelming if you are a sports person. Therefore you need to heal fast and return to your sports. Following are a few types of injuries that a sports injury chiropractor can treat-

  • Knee injuries are very common among athletes. They may develop tenderness and pain near the knee cap. 
  • A sprain in the joints is another type of sports injury that a sports person may face. The place where most of the strain occurs is the back and hamstring. These can be treated by a sports injury chiropractor efficiently.
  • Swollen muscles are another type of injury common to sports people. These injuries become very severe if not treated on time. Repeated blows to the muscles can be very painful and result in complications.
  • Injuries may lead to the bones being displaced, leading to unbearable pain. Dislocation can also damage the nerves. A sports injury chiropractor can help you in providing relief and proper treatment.
  • Among runners, a shin splint is a type of injury. It is associated with pain in the shin bone located at the front of the lower leg. Lack of warming up and stretching may result in shin bone injury. This may be because of wearing the wrong shoes or practicing on hard surfaces. Those who are flat-footed may also face shin splints. A sports injury chiropractor can help you heal from it.
  • Another type of injury a sports person faces is the Achilles tendon. The area between the calf muscles to the heels is affected by it. 

How Sports Injury Chiropractor Helps Sports Injury

When there is soreness or discomfort in your body, and you feel that the body motion is restricted, a sports injury chiropractor is the person to be contacted. The restricted movement of the body will not allow you to run, jump, squat, etc. It will hamper your sports. When your body is not in perfect shape, it increases your risk of injury.

There are several ways a chiropractor can help you other than treating you for injuries. Often people search for a sports injury chiropractor near me when they suffer a sports injury. Chiropractors also offer preventive services apart from treatment.

Following are the ways how a chiropractor can help you-

Enhance Range Of Motions

With adjustments and exercises, the chiropractors enhance the degree of motion of the affected area. When you suffer a sports injury at any body part, you can bend, stretch, move, walk and jump properly. Chiropractors, through their various treatment options, enhance the range of motion. A sports injury chiropractor will also suggest exercises to strengthen your backbone and other parts. They may suggest you exercise for neck, shoulder, knee, ankle, wrist, backbone, hips, arms, posture correction, etc.

Spinal Alignment

Spine offers support to tour back. It provides flexibility to you. The health of the spine depends upon your core strength. A sports person may face a spinal misalignment. The spinal injury affects performance negatively and allows the person to participate in sports activities.

A sports injury chiropractor takes spinal injuries very seriously. If you ignore even the slightest misalignment of your spine, it may become severe in the future. Proper chiropractic care can help relieve symptoms such as pain, soreness, discomfort, swelling, decreased range of motion, low energy, etc.

Enhances Your Body Energy

Chiropractors can increase the energy level and the activeness of your body. If you feel you are experiencing low energy or other symptoms impacting your performance, the sports injury chiropractor can offer a solution. You may get exhausted by regular practice and frequent games, or you may be depressed. These factors can also affect your body negatively. Chiropractors can also help you in many ways and enhance your energy level to perform better.

Medication-Free Pain Relief

Many athletes are concerned about taking medications. They do want any medication that can affect their daily schedule. Moreover, certain medicines are addictive. The side effects of medications prescribed are another reason for concern for sports persons. A Sports Injury Chiropractor keeps these concerns in mind while treating a sportsperson.

The medication may make one feel dizzy, sleepy, etc., and hamper the performance while practicing and playing games. Chiropractic care takes care of these concerns and uses manual manipulations to treat injuries and pain. Sports injury chiropractors use spinal manipulations to heal and do not rely on medications unless it is the only option.

Old Injuries

Sometimes you have old injuries left untreated. These may result in frequent pain and soreness in the affected area. Injuries affect your performance and productivity. If you feel that the pain is returning, do not wait anymore. Get into contact with a sports injury chiropractor as soon as possible before it worsens.


Many people search for a sports injury chiropractor near me when they suffer sports injuries. In such a case, you can contact Realign Spine. We offer chiropractic services for sports injuries. Also, our treatment involves soft tissue examinations, scanning, and treatment options involving non-invasive surgeries like physiotherapies. We tackle bone, ligament, and muscle problems efficiently. You can visit us if you are searching for a sports injury chiropractor in Jackson Heights, NY.

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