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Best Sports Injury Chiropractor Jackson Heights: Realign Spine

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Getting injured while playing a sport is very normal. Most of the time, we take those sports injuries lightly, and these injuries can become very painful with time. Suppose you don’t want the injury to stop your athletic career. In that case, we highly recommend you take the help of sports injury chiropractor Jackson Heights.

Realign Spine has the best sports injury, chiropractor. Our chiropractor Dr. Shaub has more than 26 years of chiropractic experience. Furthermore, he is a part of the New York State Chiropractic Association. We offer chiropractic care for sports injuries, neck issues, Scoliosis, bad posture, etc.

Are you unsure about why you should take chiropractic care? Make your mind after checking the benefits you can gain through our sports injury chiropractic care.

First, let’s start by knowing about sports injury chiropractor.

What Are Sports Chiropractors And Chiropractic Care?

A sports chiropractor is an expert who helps people with sports injuries. They help with managing the injury and recovering faster from it. You may think that your small injury will not cause any problems. However, that is only true for a short period of time. When that same injury faces continuous stress, it can become a major and long-term problem.

Our chiropractor will mostly work on injuries related to the neck, hip, joints, shoulder, ankle, knee, etc.

Chiropractors works on the patients to help them:

  • Recover quickly from extreme training.
  • Heal quickly from injuries.
  • Prevent future sports injuries.
  • Reduce tension and adhesion.
  • Recover joint alignment.
  • Better flexibility and range of motion.
  • Enhance posture and balance.
  • Ensure that the training activities are safe.
  • Prevent and relieve pain due to particular activity.

Realign Spine chiropractor works with athletes to maximize their performance and help with fast recovery. Thus, they can return quickly to the ground.

Why Is Chiropractic Care Essential For Athletes?

There are many reasons to go for chiropractic care if you are an athlete. Since players have so much movement while playing their sports, the chances of getting an injury increase significantly. 

So, if you want to maintain your peak performance and avoid injury, taking a chiropractor’s help is essential. Here, we have written four crucial reasons to go for chiropractic care as an athlete:

Better Range Of Motion With Chiropractic Care

Clean muscle movements matters a lot while playing a sport. Every athlete, while training, puts a lot of stress on their bodies. Due to this, you can face problems related to movement and spinal alignment. With chiropractic care, you can get a better range of motion. Furthermore, you can prevent injuries with this treatment.

Reduce Pain With Chiropractic Treatment

The issue of lower back pain is common even in the strongest athletes. Realign Spine chiropractor has expertise in handling sensitive spines and how to adjust them for better movement. So, our chiropractor not only restores your bodily functions but also decreases the pain related to your back or other parts in the short and long term.

Less Need For Drugs With Chiropractic Care

Athletes often prefer taking pain control medicines to fight aches or sports injuries. However, such drugs are not good for your health and don’t offer long-term effects. On the other hand, a chiropractor offers a drug-free alternative for reducing or eliminating pain. Now, this also means that you will not face any side effects that are common with prescription drugs or medications.

A Non-Invasive Option With Chiropractic Treatment

One best thing about our chiropractic care is that this treatment is non-invasive. So, with our treatment, you get relief from injuries to your neck or back and the entire body. It is also a better alternative to surgery that can keep athletes off the ground for a long time.

Benefits Of Chiropractic Care For Athletes

In current times, regardless of where they are playing, athletes highly depend on chiropractors for their sports injury care in order to get back into the game. 

As per data, athletes who specialize in a sport from a young age tend to get injured more. Hence, chiropractic care becomes essential for these aspiring and professional athletes. 

Here are the advantages of chiropractic care for athletes:

Chiropractic Care Can Reduce Recovery Time

Usually, there is only a difference of two or three days between a game for the athletes. While practicing for hours, facing soreness or fatigue becomes a common issue for players. Now when there is not much time left between games, athletes need something more than just rest in order to get ready for the next game.

Sports chiropractors perform various hands-on treatments to help athletes after games or practice matches. They may use soft tissue techniques in order to make the tissues relaxed, reduce lactic aid, and enhance blood flow. 

These hands-on technique offers quick recovery for athletes, making them game-ready.

Chiropractic Care Can Help With Injury Repair

In every sport, there is a body area that is more prone to injuries than others. For example:

  • Dancers tend to get more leg injuries.
  • Golfers get more arm injuries.
  • Lacrosse players face more knee injuries and muscular strains.

Now, this list just doesn’t stop here. From that, you can understand that athletes face various injuries in different sports. Athletes and their families want them to recover quickly from such injuries. 

By adjusting the joint segments, chiropractors can enhance mechanical motion. Soft tissue techniques are a great way to improve muscle tone and blood flow toward the injured parts of the body. They also help decrease adhesion and buildup close to the injured areas.

They Help With Overall Wellness

An athlete needs to take care of their body throughout the year. It shouldn’t be only for practice days or for tournaments. 

Realign Spine chiropractor help athletes by telling them about proper diet and nutrition, sleep patterns, strategies for safe training, and habits that can help in the long term. 

You get proper care from an expert chiropractor. They work on your spine adjustment, analyze your body mechanism, and use techniques to keep your body in a healthy condition.


As an athlete, keeping proper care of your body is important. The sports injury chiropractor Jackson Heights can help you recover from any sports injury you face while practicing or during a match.

Realign Spine has the best chiropractor with more than two decades of experience. We can help you with any sports injury you have. Our experts will analyze your condition and help you recover faster. You should stay in touch with us for regular chiropractic care support. 

Looking for the best sports chiropractor  in Jackson Heights? Call us at +1-888-269-7246. For unrestricted movements and peak performance, contact Realign Spine today.

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