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Chiropractor for sciatica pain: Do They Really Help in Healing?

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If you are experiencing a shooting pain that goes down from your lower back region to your leg, then there are high chances that you are suffering because of sciatica. In that instance, you can use a chiropractor for sciatica pain. The longest nerve in our body is sciatica; it goes from our buttocks down to our toes. You will feel a painful sensation in this nerve when you have problems like disc herniation, trigger point referral, piriformis syndrome, or trapped nerve. The symptoms of sciatica generally include the below-mentioned symptoms.

  • A tingling or burning sensation going down the leg
  • Constant pain on one side of the lower back region
  • Leg pain that gets worse while sitting down
  • Weakness, difficulty in moving, or numbness while moving the entire leg or foot
  • An intolerable or acute pain that makes it difficult to stand up 

And you would get some relief from the pain that has made you recliner-bound once you visit a chiropractor. Sitting around will not make the symptoms of Sciatica any better; it is only making them worse. So, when hot packs and painkillers cannot reduce the pain, you should consider going to a chiropractor.   

A Chiropractor For Sciatica

If you are thinking about a solution or asking the question, can a chiropractor help with sciatica pain? Then the answer to your question is yes. A chiropractor can indeed help deal with sciatica pain. Chiropractors are a great place to begin your treatment process when you feel sciatica-like symptoms or shooting pains up your foot or leg and symptoms like tingling or numbness in the foot or weakness. 

A chiropractor is a trained individual that can identify the root cause of the problem, and you don’t require a referral to see a chiropractor. Treatment under a chiropractor is generally covered under most insurance plans, whether Medicare, private or Medicaid. Chiropractic care means treatment with no side effects or pain and is not expensive. Chiropractic treatment can naturally and gently ease the sciatica pain in your leg. There are different ways a chiropractor can help deal with sciatica pain:

Precise Diagnosis Of Sciatica

Chiropractic care is built on the basis that the restricted movement of the spine can result in reduced functioning and pain. If you are feeling sciatica pain, a chiropractor will thoroughly examine your medical history to recognize the cause of the pain. Chiropractic treatment can help you deal with your sciatica pain without using any invasive methods. It is a process that helps our body heal itself without using any drugs or non-surgical treatment.   

Chiropractic Massage Treatment

The chiropractic massage treatment is an intense procedure for reducing sciatica pain. Chiropractic massage can lead to deep muscle relaxation and the production of endorphins that work as natural painkillers in our bodies. A spa massage and chiropractic massage are different. Spa massages can help release tension and soreness from our bodies. In contrast, chiropractic massage leans more towards the side of healing and soothing sciatic pain from the body. Chiropractors are experts and know the whole musculoskeletal system of our body. They understand where and how to put pressure on our bodies to ensure our body’s healing process starts to kick in. 

Cold And Hot Treatment Methods

Switching between hot and cold therapy has been used by chiropractors to provide quick relief from sciatic pain. Heat can release tension in tight muscles and dull the pain. The cold part of the therapy is used to slow down the blood flow and help alleviate the symptoms such as inflammation. The chiropractor will decide which treatment is beneficial for you and how frequently to rotate between them. 

Ultrasound And Other Methods

Ultrasound is the mild heat produced by sound waves deep into our body’s tissues. This method can boost blood circulation (encouraging the healing process) and reduces swelling, cramping, pain, and muscle spasms. Other methods that a chiropractor can utilize to help treat patients with sciatica pain incorporate cold laser therapy, also referred to as low laser therapy. It increases healing by diminishing swelling, edema, irritation, and musculoskeletal pain. Additionally, chiropractors can use transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, known as TENS. It is a small battery-activated nerve-stimulating tool that helps boost endorphins, reduce pain, and relaxes muscle spasms. 

Chiropractic Adjustment  

A chiropractor can use spinal manipulation techniques to enable the herniated disc to rest back into its original position and take the strain off the sciatic nerve. The spinal adjustments can also free restricted spinal movement and reinstate the misaligned vertebral discs. The treatment ranges from a swift, high-velocity thrust to a fusion of tender pressure and minimal force. It allows the chiropractor to move the lower back vertebrae firmly to avoid pressing down on the sciatic nerve. This adjustment will reduce the pain and recover nerve signal mobility and flow. Moreover, a chiropractor for sciatica pain can put manipulations into use to reduce muscle spasms, which will provide long-term relief. 

Spinal Decompression    

Sometimes, the spinal discs can dry out on their own and become narrow, leading to spine compression and pinched nerves. As the name suggests, chiropractors can employ spinal decompression techniques to ease the compression on the nerves promoting sciatica pain. This method can comprise techniques that can elongate the spine and increase the space between the vertebrae. 

Chiropractic Workouts

Moving in certain ways can aggravate sciatica pain. However, based on the root source of the issue, a chiropractor will suggest exercises that stay away from worsening sciatic nerves and assist in freeing the pressure that happens because of tight and inflamed muscles. The exercises suggested by the chiropractor comprise stretching programs that you can perform right at home. You can also do yoga, as it is effective in alleviating sciatica pain. For example, the reclining pigeon position can loosen the pressure on the nerve, stretch the piriformis muscle in the body, and soothe irritations.

Lifestyle Alterations

A chiropractor will look and work into all aspects of your life. They might suggest a new manner to sit, lift, stand, and sleep to safeguard the positioning of the sciatic nerve. Such instructions will assist you in strengthening the back muscles to maintain the disc in its place. It is important because the healthier and fitter the back is, the less likely discs will slip from their place and put pressure on the sciatic nerve again. Thus, chiropractors can assist in easing sciatica pain both in the long and short term. 

Sciatic pain can feel immobilizing, and even though it is common, there is still no grounds for you to suffer through such pain. You can get relaxation by beginning a treatment program with the right diagnosis. The chiropractor at Realign Spine is well-trained and ready to give the relief you need, release the pressure, and reduce the sciatic pain so you can go back to living the best life. 

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