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How can a chiropractor help in healing extensor tendon injury

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Whether you are playing tennis or working on a laptop, baking in the kitchen, or doing a DIY project, overworking the tendons of your hand will cause physical damage to them. Any muscle that is overused or not used properly can result in extensor tendon injury. A tendon injury can leave you immobilized, and you won’t be able to work any further. 

When the tendons in your hand are torn, cut, or damaged, they can lead to swelling, inflammation, and severe discomfort. And the best way to treat this condition is to get chiropractic help. An expert chiropractor can help you alleviate the symptoms with non-invasive treatment methods. 

What Is An Extensor Tendon Injury? 

The strong and flexible bands present in our body are known as tendons. They connect our bones and muscles and enable them to move properly. The extensor tendon runs down from your forearms to your wrists. Further, it moves down to the palms and fingers in your hand. This tendon makes it possible for us to flex and curve our fingers.   

A tendon injury results from the overuse or incorrect use of tendon muscles in your hand. When you move a muscle in your body, it transfers the responsibility to the tendons, which links it to the bones for movement. 

Using your muscles and tendons repeatedly without giving them enough rest can lead to too much friction. And thus, the pressure in your tendons will increase. Thereafter, it will eventually become the reason behind swelling, discomfort, and inflammation in your hand. All this will put pressure on your joints and stop them from moving. This condition is known as extensor tendon injury or tendonitis. Whenever you use your injured hand to do any kind of work that puts pressure on your joints, it will make the condition worse and more painful. There are also cases showing that tendonitis can become more severe during the night and morning instead of during the daytime. 

What Are The Various Reasons Behind Extensor Tendon Injuries? 

As discussed above, the most common symptom behind this condition is the overuse of muscles and tendons. The repetitive movements can put immense pressure on the tendons and tear them. Another cause of tendon injury is the immense stress you may be putting on your tendons by not performing some exercises accurately.   

Your age can also play a huge role in increasing your chance of suffering from extensor tendon injuries. As you get old, the tendons in your body start to get hard in both your hands and feet, reducing the joints’ flexibility. 

People who often go on hikes or play extreme outdoor sports are generally the ones who frequently experience these kinds of injuries. For instance, if you are a cricket or tennis player, then the chances of you getting tendonitis increase a lot. 

How To Figure Out If You Have Extensor Tendonitis?

Even though the symptoms of extensor tendonitis in every person may vary, a few symptoms are common among patients with a tendon injury. These symptoms include: 

  • Pain in your hands while doing any work that requires you to use your hands repeatedly, such as typing and weight lifting. 
  • Restricted movement in a certain section of the hand or the whole hand.
  • Stiffness and inflammation in your whole hand or the affected part.
  • A stinging or burning sensation in the part that is injured.

How Can A Chiropractor Help Treat Extensor Tendonitis? 

If you have a tendon injury in your hand, you will be able to detect it quite easily using the symptoms mentioned above. The injury will also obstruct you from using your hand completely, even for daily activities. However, if you still have doubts, you can still get your problem diagnosed by a chiropractor as the first step of the process. The chiropractor may detect the problem with CAT scans, MRIs, or X-rays. 

Going to a chiropractor and getting it checked is the ideal way to pinpoint the root cause of your injury. Thus, the chiropractor can customize a treatment plan based on your needs. The treatment plan that he will create will be non-invasive and effective. Furthermore, he will also recommend providing enough rest to your injured hand so as not to increase the inflammation and pressure on the joints and tendons. 

If the damage to your tendon is major, a chiropractor may also suggest you get a brace to restrict the movement of your finger and hand if required. A cold compress is also good if you have inflammation around the affected area, as per the advice of a chiropractor. The chiropractors are experts in muscle manipulation, electrical stimulation of the muscles, and other therapies that may help your situation get better faster. These therapies are best for loosening the tendons and inflammation around the injured area. Thus, the treatment can move further.

The chiropractors target the core problem instead of only treating the injury from the base surface.  

Why Use Expert Chiropractic Care? 

Professional chiropractors are experts in their fields and know what they are doing. Spinal manipulation is a delicate procedure. Thus, any mistake while doing any spinal adjustment can lead to complete and permanent paralysis. Chiropractors with years of experience can deal with the problem effectively and treat it problem accurately. An inexperienced chiropractor’s wrong identification or treatment can cause injury to the patient. 

Why Should You Use Realign Spine For Your Extensor Injury

If you experience extensor tendon injuries, it is important to seek prompt treatment. Do not wait for the pain to go away or for it to subside on its own. Chiropractic adjustment should be the top priority if you are struggling with pain in your wrists or hands. Chiropractic care allows you to avoid a sprain, strain, or repetitive tendon stress. 

Expert chiropractor treatment is the latest treatment trend with patients suffering from extensor and spinal injuries. Chiropractors are more active in treating and rehabilitating these types of elbow injuries. With Realign Spine’s specialist treatment from experienced chiropractors, the approach to treating extensor tendon injuries is providing patients with a faster rehabilitation process. It will allow you to get back to your normal activities and sports without limitations. The use of non-invasive methods also leads to fewer side effects and complications.   

Realign Spine is the best place for a chiropractic adjustment. Schedule an appointment today with us, and we will give you a custom treatment plan for treating your extensor injuries.


What Causes Common Extensor Tendon Tear?

Several causes can lead to an extensor tendon injury. It happens when you carelessly and excessively use your forearm in repetitive motions, like typing, playing sports, weight lifting, weaving, etc.

Do Extensor Tendons Heal On Their Own?

If the tendons in your hand or forearm are cut or torn, then the tips of your tendon will pull it further apart. It makes the tendons of your hands difficult to recover on their own. The extensor tendon usually only partially tears, but you should see a chiropractor to recover from it. 

How Do I Know If My Extensor Tendon Is Torn?

There are some common symptoms of a torn extensor tendon injuries, such as:

  • Inflammation and pain around your fingertips
  • The end joint of the finger goes limp 
  • Not being able to extend your wrists or straighten your finger.
  • Injury or trauma that affected your hand.

How Long Does It Take For An Extensor Tendon To Heal?

The average time that a person takes to heal from a hand tendon injury is four to eight weeks. However, some people can take longer based on the extent of their injury. If the injury is severe, a chiropractor may use braces to give additional support to your finger.

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