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How Does Cold Laser Therapy Chiropractic Care Work On Pain?

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This blog will answer all your questions if you want to know what cold laser therapy chiropractic care is or if it can help you with your lower back pain. 

Chiropractic care is a part of medicine that focuses on correcting and detecting any discomfort and pain caused in the body due to misalignment. A professional trained to identify or manually manipulate different parts of the body to offer relief from chronic or acute pain is known as a chiropractor. A chiropractor generally works on the body’s joints, especially in the back, neck, and shoulder regions.   

Using manual manipulation in the treatment of joints is an effective way of treatment that can help relieve stiffness, pain, and other uncomfortable symptoms linked with acute or chronic pain. As technology continues to evolve, chiropractors use their patients’ most innovative and latest treatment options. Chiropractic laser therapy combines laser treatment and chiropractic care to offer patients extra relief from uncomfortable conditions due to long-standing pain.     

What Is Chiropractic Treatment Paired With Laser Therapy?

Chiropractors have started using laser technology to assist patients in getting relief from their discomforts, such as their lower back and joint pain. The therapy used by chiropractors is mostly cold laser therapy, which may also be referred to as cold treatment or low-level laser therapy. Cold laser therapy chiropractic care is a contemporary treatment method that can lessen pain and inflammation while simultaneously encouraging the body’s natural healing response. 

Compared to high-intensity traditional lasers, cold lasers do not produce enough heat to warm up the skin and are a gentle option for treating pain and discomfort. Cold laser therapy, combined with chiropractic care, is a powerful treatment method that can control pain levels, restore nerve regeneration, and help relieve inflammation to help patients heal from chronic pain or injuries.   

How Do Chiropractic Care And Cold Laser Therapy Work Together?

Laser therapy utilizes a certain wavelength of light to tend to an ailment or injury leading to body pain. Chiropractic cold laser therapy can stimulate your body’s natural healing processes and lessen the recovery time from an injury or accident. Cold lasers are appliances that deliver concentrated light waves to the treatment region to penetrate through the tissues and skin. 

In most instances, a cold laser treatment only takes a short time for a chiropractor to apply, but the treatment time may vary based on the size of the treatment area. Cold laser therapy chiropractic care targets an area more precisely. It provides effective treatment while boosting the healing process and reducing the treatment time linked with some long-lasting pain. 

What Can Laser Therapy Combined With Chiropractic Care Help Treat?

The research calculates that nearly 20% of adults worldwide suffer chronic pain. Several people suffering from chronic pain are searching for an innovative treatment that is non-invasive but offers relief from continuous discomfort and pain. Cold laser therapy merged with chiropractic care is an efficient treatment that can assist in relieving pain and aches caused by different problems. 

As the research continues, cold laser therapy chiropractic care has been revealed to offer several health benefits and be a multi-faceted treatment that can help treat many symptoms of chronic and acute conditions. During the cold laser treatment, the light penetrates the tissues and increases cellular interactions, boosting your body’s natural healing rate and offering pain relief. Cold laser therapy can also confront:


Cold laser therapy is a very effective solution for sports-related injuries and sprains. Low-level, light treatment can help patients increase the blood flow to regions that receive poor blood circulation, encouraging the sprain to heal more rapidly. 

Arthritis Pain

Low-level laser treatment can be used more effectively to manage the pain that comes with arthritis. Patients can get relief from osteoarthritis and arthritis pain with cold laser treatments. 


One of the most famous advantages of cold laser therapy chiropractic care is that it can help lessen inflammation and can help treat edema. An inflammation therapy can lower swelling and reduce any pain that inflammation may lead to, as it puts extra pressure on surrounding tissues and nerves. 


An effective non-invasive option for the treatment of tendonitis is cold therapy treatment. Patients searching for relief without traditional surgery explore laser therapy to assist with their tendonitis. 


You can improve common tissues and muscles using low-level laser treatment. Cold laser therapy chiropractic care can improve the muscle’s strain symptoms, including potential swelling and pain. 


Bursitis is a kind of inflammation that causes harm to the fluid-filled pads that are meant to cushion the joints. Cold therapy treatment is ideal for improving and managing the symptoms of bursitis in an individual. 

Treating Chronic Back And Neck Pain Using Laser Therapy

You can treat chronic neck and back pain effectively with chiropractic cold laser therapy. An average of 8% of adults report having chronic back pain that is persistent or recurrent. Low-level laser therapy is tissue and muscle treatment using cutting-edge lasers to target and cure the body, back, and neck pain hotspots.

In most instances, cold therapy typically only needs ten minutes to alleviate back pain or persistent neck and shoulder discomfort. Targeting chronic pain with more precision and speed is possible with cold laser therapy as it is more effective and quick. Your session length may be longer if you are treating many places or based on the region you are trying to treat.

Advantages Of Chiropractic Care And Laser Therapy

Cold laser therapy is a flexible procedure with several advantages for those with severe or persistent pain. Low-level treatments are non-invasive and do not necessitate the downtime that many surgical or invasive treatment techniques do, which is one of the most well-liked advantages of laser therapy combined with chiropractic care. In addition, cold laser treatments are rapid, can reduce pain quickly and effectively, and offer a host of additional advantages, including:

Offer Relief From Chronic Pain

One of the key advantages of laser therapy is that it helps lessen discomfort and suffering. Cold laser treatments target zones at different depths by utilizing cutting-edge laser technology.

Reduce Edema

Cold laser therapy chiropractic care can also lessen swelling and the appearance of edema, in addition to pain relief. If left untreated, bodily swelling can pressure the nearby areas and worsen the discomfort.

Stimulate Circulation Of Local Blood Flow 

Laser treatments can enhance local blood flow and re-establish normal blood flow to the soft tissues.

Offer Precision 

By using cutting-edge laser technology in cold therapy, chiropractors can more precisely target a treatment location to relieve pain and discomfort. Greater accuracy enables the management of chronic pain with greater efficacy.

Promote A Quicker Recovery 

Cold laser treatments can quicken your body’s normal healing process by inducing the formation of fibroblasts. The cells can boost collagen production and play an important role in the body’s process of healing wounds and injuries.

Stimulate Endorphins 

Endorphins are produced by your body naturally, and cold laser therapy can augment this production. Endorphins can help reduce pain and suffering throughout the body.

Encourage The Production Of New Bone

Studies have revealed that low-intensity laser light therapy can encourage the growth of new bone. Furthermore, light therapy might quicken the bone’s general healing and regeneration process.

Promote Nerve Regeneration 

It has also been demonstrated that cold laser therapy chiropractic care increases the creation of growth factors, which aids in appropriate nerve recovery.

Strengthen Muscles

Cold laser therapy can enhance overall muscle health by encouraging muscle cells to replenish and mend. Aching or sore muscles can benefit from laser treatments to alleviate the symptoms.

Get The Laser Therapy And Chiropractic Treatment At Realign Spine 

At Realign Spine, we provide the most advanced, painless, and simple-to-use lasers for pain management. Low-level lasers are a cutting-edge therapeutic option that can produce remarkable outcomes with quick and easy care. Our mission is to deliver the best lasers possible and put quality first in all we do.

We perform extensive clinical trials to test our cutting-edge lasers’ efficacy and safety, including cold laser therapy chiropractic options for various problems, including pain management. Contact us online right away to learn more about our lasers for pain management and laser procedures.

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