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 Is Foot Numbness Dangerous? If So, How Can Chiropractic Care Help?

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In general cases, an individual can feel numbness in their foot or leg due to sitting in one position for a long time and putting too much pressure on the nerves or maybe even reducing the blood flow in the region. However, what is not common is unexplained or even long-lasting numbness in the foot. This can all be an indication of an underlying medical issue. 

If you had the chance to stop the ability to feel any kind of pain in your foot, you would immediately say yes, right? Because a lot of people would. This idea is pretty appealing- after all, feeling no pain means no more feeling pain or numbness in knee after a long walk. Not only that, but also ridden from the excruciating pain after you stub your toe on a table and hobbling after stepping on something sharp; the possibilities are endless. Here’s the drawback, even though you won’t be able to feel the pain doesn’t mean you cannot get hurt. It just means that you won’t be able to feel the pain when it happens. This is an actual problem that is called neuropathy. 

Can Foot Numbness Be Dangerous?

Neuropathy means you have nerves that are already deadened, injured nerves that can reduce the ability of your limbs to feel. The foot numbness has a lot higher risk for some serious injuries in comparison to normal and healthy feet. 

Foot numbness can lead to a serious injury. If you have a healthy foot, you will be able to detect the injury instantly. You would probably walk to a chair, remove the pin from your foot, and bandage your wound after cleaning it. 

People who are suffering from foot numbness due to neuropathy will not be able to feel anything at all. Not knowing about the foot injury for a long time can cause severe issues. Not getting treatment at the right time will worsen the pinhole. It will also increase the risk of infection. At times, exercise induced leg numbness can also be the reason behind why your foot is losing its feeling. 

People who are suffering from any neuropathic conditions are at the risk of getting so many problems. You are more prone to develop ulcers on small wounds that are not treated timely. Infection can also spread very easily because you will not be able to realize that you have one from the beginning itself. Injuries such as stress factors can become far more serious or can even result in deformities since you wouldn’t know that you need medical care. 

Causes Of Leg And Foot Numbness 

Long-lasting or chronic numbness in the leg or foot region may indicate a serious health issue. We will tell you about some of the conditions that can result in foot numbness. 

Sitting Position

Your sitting habits can put pressure on your nerves or reduce blood flow in the lower limb regions. The most common areas that feel temporary numbness are the leg and feet areas. You must have heard or experienced that many people complain about their feet falling asleep; this condition in medical terms is known as transient (temporary) paresthesia. 

This numbness is a result of habits such as: 

  • Kneeling or sitting in the same position for a long time.
  • Crossing your legs for a long time. 
  • Wearing tight clothing such as socks, pants, or shoes. 
  • Sitting on your feet. 


Foot numbness can also result from injuries to the spinal cord, ankles, hips, torso, feet, and legs because injuries can put pressure on your nerves and become the source of numbness in the legs and feet. 

Sciatica And Lower Back Problems

Sciatica is the problem of irritation in the sciatic nerve; the nerves run from the lower back area to the legs. If the nerve gets compressed or becomes irritated, an individual may feel some tingling or numbness sensation in the feet or legs. 

Issues in the lower back region, such as herniation of spinal discs or breakdown, can become the reason behind compression of nerves reaching the legs, leading to sensory disturbance or feet numbness. 

Excessive Alcohol Use

The toxins that are present in the alcohol can cause damage to the nerves that are linked with leg and foot numbness. 

Excessive or long-standing consumption of alcohol can also lead to damage to the nerves, which leads to numbness. This type of damage to the nerves is associated with reduced B vitamins, such as Thiamine or B-1, folate or B-9, and vitamin B-12, which is caused by excessive intake of alcohol. 


People who have diabetes develop a kind of nerve damage known as diabetic neuropathy. Diabetic neuropathy can lead to tingling, pain, and foot numbness, and if the condition is severe, it can affect the legs as well. 

Exercises That Can Temporarily Help With Foot Numbness

Although you will have to see a chiropractor, the pain and numbness in your foot or leg can be reduced with the help of exercises. If you feel foot numbness while running or doing some physical activity, you should try these exercises.

Stretch Your Hamstrings

Stretching your muscles can help reduce the tension, pain, and numbness in your muscles, affecting nerve compression. You can do several types of stretches, including stretching your hamstrings. You can do this while sitting. For this exercise, you need to get a chair and sit on the edge of it. Now, lift your one leg, point the toes, and keep it in front of you while keeping your other foot flat on the ground. Bend over until your chest and leg touch each other while keeping your back straight. When doing this exercise, you should feel your muscles stretching. Hold this position for twenty seconds, then repeat with another leg. 

Stretch Your Calves

This is also a seated stretch and can help with your balance. You need to first sit down with both your legs in front of you. Take a towel and keep it in your hands. Now, in the center of your towel, place the ball of one foot. Now, you can use the towel to lift your leg up while keeping your knees straight. 

The Seated Strength Training Exercise

If you have done some of the training exercises that are good for stretching and maintaining balance, you should do exercises that strengthen your legs. The exercises such as do need extensions and knee flexion machines can help build muscles and help you in reducing pain, and provide you with more flexibility. 

How Can Chiropractic Care Help In Foot Numbness? 

If you have been noticing that your foot is getting numb more often, you should schedule an appointment with a chiropractor for a thorough examination. A chiropractor can help adjust your spine to reposition the vertebrae and lessen the pressure on the nerves. This adjustment can also make space for the disc to return to its original place. Due to this, pain or foot numbness will decrease. 

If you are looking for Chiropractic care in New York, you should head over to Realign Spine. Our chiropractors are the best and most well-trained in giving you expert care. If you are looking for Chiropractic care in New York, then you should head over to Realign Spine. 

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