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The Ultimate Guide To Treat Pain Using The KT Tape Sciatica

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Kinesiology Therapeutic Tape or KT tape sciatica relief pain has several benefits when combined with chiropractic care. KT Tape is a clear elastic sports tape that instantly became a favorite among physiotherapists and athletes. The bright-colored clear tapes stick to the skin and assist in supporting the ligaments, muscles, and tendons. Other than providing support to the muscles, the KT Tape provides pam relief from several problems.

The one drawback of using a KT Tape sciatica is the application. It can be difficult if you don’t know how to apply a KT Tape. To give you a helping hand, we have created this blog to show you how to apply the KT Tape. And we will then tell you some examples of how you can use the taping methods to support calf pain, knee pain, back pain, Achilles pain, sciatica, IT band pain, and plantar fasciitis.

How To Use Kinesiology Tape

KT Tape works by uplifting the skin from the tissue under it, which assists in changing the pain receptors in the muscles, skin, and fascia. A certain stretch level must be used on the tape during application to the problematic area. A few common rules can help you achieve the maximum efficiency of the KT Tape sciatica; the rules are all mentioned below.

  • Before putting the tape on your skin, rub it properly to activate the adhesive substance that will help the tape stick to the skin instantly.
  • An anchor tab is the unstretched part of the tape on either end of the KT Tape that keeps the strip of tape in its place.
  • You can put the strip of tape from one end to the other or the middle.
  • It is easier to detach the tape from the baking instead of removing the backing from the tape.
  • Try not to handle the KT Tape sciatica from its adhesive side because it can reduce the tape’s effectiveness.

Problems That Can Be Treated Using The KT Tape

Since the KT Tape sciatica was made to replicate the muscles of human beings, it is flexible and strong. When used in sync with chiropractic adjustments, the areas facing problems are kept in place to alleviate pressure from sensitive areas. Some problems are being treated with KT Tape. Correct use of KT Tape sciatica can provide instant relief.

Methods For Applying KT Tape

Now that you understand how to use KT Tape correctly, it is time to tell you about the best methods to apply the tape to seven of the most common problems affecting many individuals. We will discuss the seven conditions mentioned below that can be treated using KT Tape.

  • KT Tape for IT Band Pain.
  • KT Tape for Plantar Fasciitis.
  • KT Tape for the Achilles Tendon.
  • KT Tape for Lower Back Pain.
  • KT Tape for Knee Pain.
  • KT Tape for Calf Strain.
  • KT Tape for Sciatica.

KT Tape For The Achilles Tendon

The Achilles Tendon is essential for the important movements of our body, such as lifting, running, and jumping; therefore, keeping the vulnerable parts of our body safe is extremely critical. The trick here is to provide support to the Achilles tendon by fastening the tape to the bottom of the foot and stretching the tape upwards and over the Achilles to ensure the right alignment.

  • Raise your foot and secure the KT Tape sciatica to the base of your foot.
  • Fasten the tape vertically with the required stretch level up to the calf’s midsection.
  • Put the second piece of vertical tape over the tendon just above the ankle bone.

KT Tape For Calf Strain

The calf muscle is extremely important for all athletes because it is responsible for speed, stability, and propulsion. So, to avoid the calf strain getting in the way of your potential, you can use the expert-suggested taping method. You can use the KT Tape sciatica to promote the healing process of an already existing injury or avoid getting one.

  • Put on the tape vertically from above your ankle to just below the knee region.
  • Apply the second piece of KT Tape horizontally to the problematic area with 50% stretch and add an anchor point tab at each end.

KT Tape For IT Band Pain

Iliotibial band syndrome results from tightening of the IT band, which causes pain and friction around the knee region. The scientific taping method can alleviate any signs of pain caused by the debilitating and uncomfortable problem. You can follow these simple directives to get the most support for your IT band pain.

  • Put on a long piece of KT Tape sciatica without stretching from your hip bone to just below the knees.
  • Put on a second piece in a horizontal position, across your outer leg, and just above your knee with a 50% stretch.

KT Tape For Knee Pain

Knee Pain is common in people from all sections of society, so many people can benefit from this KT Tape sciatica method. One of the most usual reasons behind knee pain is the misalignment of the kneecap. So it would help if you surrounded your patella to provide the utmost support.

  • Bend your knee at a ninety-degree angle.
  • Break the Kinesiology Tape strip vertically with 3-4’ at one end.
  • Put the Kinesiology Tape from the mid-thigh section down to your knee.
  • Place each side of the split tape around your patella.
  • Put on a KT Tape sciatica strip vertically just below the kneecap with 50% stretch (optional). 

KT Tape For Plantar Fasciitis

Here is the answer if you are wondering about the best way to reduce your plantar fasciitis pain. You can use KT Tape sciatica and the technique mentioned under to correctly put the tape on the affected area to increase your mobility. While simultaneously keeping your ligaments and tendons supported for maximum pain relief. 

  • Raise your foot, fasten the tape to the heel of your feet, and put it on the base of your feet with 0 stretches.
  • Put on your second strip of Kinesiology Tape anchored to the top of your foot. Wrap around the medial to your lateral side for extra arch support.

KT Tape Sciatica

If you feel a burning or shooting pain that goes down your whole leg, you may suffer sciatica pain. This debilitating problem can affect the way you sleep and the way you walk. Luckily, we have the treatment for your sciatica pain that can help relieve your pain.

  • Put the anchor under the buttock and apply the KT Tape sciatica vertically down to your ankle with 50% stretch.
  • Put on the second strip of Kinesiology Tape horizontally across the broadest area of the hamstring with the same amount of stretch as before.

KT Tape For Lower Back Pain

All of us have experienced lower back pain at some point, so we all understand how difficult it can be to get out of bed. We know the best technique to use the KT Tape lower back sciatica pain to assist you in getting back on your feet. The key is to use light and vertical compression to help provide support along your spine, and then straight aim at the most painful place using a high-stretch band.

  • Bend forward from around your waist area.
  • Put two Kinesiology Tape strips on both sides of your buttocks and apply them vertically until the strip is halfway up the spine with 25% stretch.
  • Put on a third horizontal strip of the tape across your most painful region with 50% stretch.

Who Should Not Use The KT Tape Sciatica?

People with skin cancer, deep vein thrombosis (DVT), or individuals with adhesive allergies should avoid Kinesiology Tape without medical administration.

Furthermore, individuals should be cautious when putting Kinesiology Tape on their body as its wrong application can limit its capability to safeguard the joints.

Finally, using the tape at 100% stretch is not approved because it can cause skin irritation.

Signs You Should See A Healthcare Professional

Research suggests that using Kinesiology Tape for lower back pain is, to an extent, effective but short-term pain relief. The patients benefit most from these tapes when they are part of a pain management treatment.

While putting on self-applying KT Tape sciatica may be risky, a qualified physical therapist can assist you with the application and recommend different tape positioning to fine-tune your pain relief.

Lastly, anyone feeling acute pain, skin condition, allergic reaction, or worsening discomfort should always seek medical attention.

Final Words

Remember that Kinesiology Tape is the most effective when combined with a whole pain management treatment. You can also use your KT Tape for sciatica hip pain or any sciatica-related pain. Going to a chiropractor and creating a plan to treat your pain is the best possible answer to get rid of the pain, instead of getting temporary relief or worsening the situation by placing the KT Tape wrong. To get the best treatment for your pain, head to Realign Spine and return to your pain-free days.

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