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Infrared(IR) light is widely used to treat various skin problems. It is an innovative way to bring relief from pain and inflammation. Many Infrared light therapy benefits make it one of the best therapies. Unlike the sun’s ultraviolet rays, the light from infrared devices brings huge health benefits. Today, experts recommend infrared therapy to treat skin problems like wrinkles, scars, acne, etc. 

According to the studies, infrared light treatment is also beneficial in slowing down the aging process. Before you start taking this therapy, know its health benefits. This post will share the top 10 benefits of infrared light therapy.

What Is Infrared Light Therapy?

In this therapy, a device is used to focus the infrared rays on the body. It is widely used in treating various skin problems. When the light is in the infrared range of the spectrum, it penetrates the nerves and tissue easily. Due to the longer wavelength, infrared rays are beneficial for treating body muscles. 

The major advantage of this therapy is that it increases blood flow naturally. There is a misconception about the benefits of this light treatment. Various devices like lamps, lasers, and stands are used to give this therapy. An expert decides the intensity of light used during the therapy.

Different Types Of Infrared Light Therapy

When the infrared rays are focused, it raises the body’s temperature. As a result, your body gets a catalyst for the healing process. Different types of infrared light therapy are given according to a person’s needs.

Near-Infrared Light Therapy(NIR)

Anti-aging is one of the IR light therapy benefits. In this process, a short infrared wavelength penetrates the skin. Experts perform this therapy to boost the healing process of wounds. Moreover, it is also used to renew skin and produce new cells. 

The intensity of light rays depends on the skin issues. Doctors used the NIR to bring a glow to the skin. However, the large number of infrared rays are harmful to the skin. That’s why it is essential to consult your doctor before taking this therapy.

Mid Infrared Light Therapy(MIR)

MIR therapy is widely used to treat inflammation problems. In this treatment, mid-infrared rays penetrate the affected tissue. When the right amount of IR light goes to the tissue, it expands the blood vessels. As a result, it supplies oxygen to reach the injured body parts. 

A regular MIR brings pain relief and boosts the healing process. That’s why it is one of the best therapies to reduce inflammation.

Far Infrared Light Therapy(FIR)

In this therapy, experts use the carbon panel to focus the FIR. The heat produced during this is relatively low. Experts use the equipment to maintain a constant temperature. 

The rays enter deep into tissue and pull out the toxins. Then, a harmful chemical comes out in the form of sweat. It is best used for the detoxification process. 

FIR also brings relief from chronic illness. As per the clinical trial, it raises the body temperature by nearly 3 degrees, lowering the systolic.

10 Best Infrared Light Therapy Benefits

Every IR light therapy has its role in treating various skin and other problems. It is widely used in medicine, dentistry, and immune diseases. One of the biggest benefits of this therapy is that it is natural, safe, and non-invasive. Unlike other therapies which involve pain, IR treatment is painless. 

Here are the benefits of taking infrared light therapy:

Reduces Pain And Inflammation

It is a safe therapy to get relief from pain. When the part of the body hits an injury, it results in inflammation. As a result, people feel pain in the affected area. When the IR light penetrates the skin and muscles, it improves blood circulation in the body. 

The positive sign of this therapy is that it supplies the right amount of oxygen to tissues. Experts also use this treatment to boost healing stress. 

Treats Muscular Injuries

The IR rays directly penetrate the different layers of skin. When it goes directly into an affected tissue, the action of various cells improves. It also triggers the growth of new cells and tissues in the body. 

People who have muscle injuries are advised to go under infrared light therapy. Most athletes also use IR therapy to recover from muscle injuries. It is also beneficial to treat fractures and nerve and joint injuries.

Reduces Skin Wrinkles

The use of IR therapy also increases the beauty of the view. As we mentioned, anti-aging is one of the benefits of infrared light therapy. It is widely used to reduce wrinkles and scars on the face. The best part of this therapy is that it doesn’t cause any damage to the skin. 

Many female celebrities use infrared light therapy to take care of their skin. You should keep in mind how worse your wrinkles are before deciding on the type of therapy. A doctor also helps you determine the intensity of rays you need to get faster results.

Boosts The Healing Process

When infrared light penetrates the skin, it starts building new cells. Patients who get this therapy notice a faster healing process. The damaged tissues due to injury repair faster when the right amount of IR comes in contact with them. 

As a result, the newly developed wounds heal in a shorter period. It is widely used to treat different wounds like cuts, scrapes, and burns. Diabetes patients who have ulcers also benefit from IR light therapy. Minor injuries are easily treated with this therapy by using non-invasive techniques.

Promotes Hair Growth

Most people don’t know that IR light therapy improves new hair growth. If you have hair loss for a new reason, then this therapy can be helpful for you. Today, the young generation suffers from androgenic alopecia, due to which the hair on top becomes thin. It is a genetic disorder that leads to permanent hair loss or baldness.

In males, the pattern of hair loss is around the top and front of the head. On the other hand, in women, the thinning of baldness starts from the center portion of the hair. The advantage of taking infrared light therapy is that it brings new hair. No study shows that it works for every age of people. Talking with a doctor before starting IR light therapy would be best.

Reduces The Symptoms Of Arthritis

Arthritis is a chronic disease that creates inflammation in the hands and feet. It mainly affects the different joints, which results in chronic pain. Preventing this long-term disease is essential to living a painless life. IR light therapy is one of the best ways to reduce inflammation. Most experts use different intensities of rays to reduce pain. 

It is an effective way to reduce stiffness in the legs and arms in the short term. One of the best-infrared light therapy benefits is that it also cures the long-term symptoms of arthritis. To get long-term relief, discuss with your doctor extending light intensity.

Treats Side Effects Of Cancer Therapy

People who undergo cancer therapy face various side effects. Oncologists often prefer using infrared light therapy to treat the various side effects. It is combined with other therapies to provide relief to the patients. The results from this therapy may vary from patient to patient. 

IR light treatment helps reduce mucositis, a major side effect that occurs during oral treatments. When the patient suffers from mouth and gum soreness, infrared therapy works well in such conditions. 

Detoxifies The Body

When focused on the skin, the infrared rays increase the body temperature. The detoxification process in the cellular system starts by removing harmful toxins from the body. Experts suggest detoxifying the body from time to time. 

Most people use different detox drinks and tea for this purpose. But IR light therapy is still the most effective way to remove the toxins. Apart from detoxifying the body, it also improves the body’s digestive system.

Treats Various Heart Problems

Due to lifestyle changes, most adults suffer from cardiovascular problems. Few people know that taking regular infrared light therapy under a doctor’s observation can treat various heart problems. The IR rays support the production of nitric oxide in the body. It is essential to make blood vessels that promote the oxidation process. 

The light enters the affected tissue, prevents blood clotting, and relaxes the arteries. Doctors use this therapy on patients with higher chances of getting heart disease. It creates fewer chances of heart attack and stroke, which is one of the best benefits of infrared light therapy.

Builds Immunity

A better immune system is key to staying healthy. One of the well-known ways to build immunity is taking IR light therapy. During this, new cells are produced, which regulate the thyroid and other organs. 

When the blood pressure improves in the body, it directly builds up new immune cells. It also stimulates the energy in the cells, which builds immunity. Giving the light at specific intensity builds up immunity faster. Many people take red light therapy at home. Compared to red light, infrared light has a better wavelength, which shows positive results.

How Does Infrared Therapy Work?

Infrared therapy is one of the safest ways to treat various skin problems. The mechanism used in this therapy is simple and uses a certain wavelength of IR rays. 

The working process of Infrared therapy is as follows:

  • Firstly, an IR light of a large wavelength penetrates deep into the skin. Doctors use infrared devices to focus the light about 3-7 centimeters deep inside. This step aims to send the rays to the nerves, muscles, and bones.
  • The wavelength frequency used in the process is from 700 to 1000 nanometers. Experts recommend this therapy to patients for wound healing, boosting endorphins, and reducing pain caused by arthritis.
  • After that, infrared light is absorbed by the cells of the body. Once rays come in contact with cells, it starts a series of metabolic events in the body. As a result, several body processes start in the cellular system. Due to its effectiveness, it is also used for infants in neonatal care.

Which Problems Does Infrared Therapy Treat?

The effectiveness of Infrared therapy can be seen in different fields. The medical industry takes advantage of treating various chronic pain. Different studies show it is better therapy to boost the healing process. 

Infrared light therapy benefits with:

  • Wrinkles
  • Acne, scars, burns
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Tendinitis
  • Hair loss
  • Pain in jaw
  • Dementia
  • Inflammation
  • Stretch marks
  • Cold sores
  • Side effects of cancer therapy
  • Foot ulcers
  • Sun damage
  • Neck and back pain
  • Psoriasis
  • Hay fever

What Are The Side Effects Of Infrared Light Therapy?

IR light therapy is safe and shows little or no side effects. It is a painless therapy that treats various skin and other problems. However, some people face mild side effects after taking this therapy. One common negative effect is thermal injury, which can occur without pain. 

Also, a report shows that skin burns when the high-intensity rays focus for a long time. In some cases, people sense the burning after weeks of therapy. When precautions are not taken, it can also damage the eye.

You might now wonder: Is it safe to go with IR light therapy?

The answer is “Yes,” but when your doctor suggests it. Doctors give this therapy in different ways to reduce the chances of side effects. Most people who suffer from its side effects are those who take IR therapy alone. We recommend you talk with your doctor before starting IR light therapy.

How Often Should I Take Infrared Light Therapy?

The frequency of taking IR light therapy depends on your current health problems. Experts may ask you to attend the therapy sessions each week in the beginning. People with chronic diseases should take IR treatment multiple times a week. The total time required for IR light to work is at least 5-10 minutes. 

Doctors suggest keeping the intensity of light normal during the beginning. However, when you start seeing an improvement, take the therapy once a month. It would be best to keep in touch with doctors to monitor the healing process. 

How Can An Infrared Light Therapist Help You?

People who take infrared light therapy at home can get side effects. It can affect the eye retina in the absence of an eye protector. It is best to undergo therapy with expert assistance. Realign Spine provides infrared light therapy in Jackson heights. The major advantage of having a therapist is controlling the intensity of rays. 

The infrared rays can burn the skin when they focus at a high temperature. These experts use devices like a sauna that assure the safety of your body. First of all, doctors perform a physical examination. In this process, they check the external skin problems which cause pain, numbness, etc. After that, a proper diagnosis test is conducted to know the body’s internal damage.

Once they have the main cause of the problem, a certain light therapy is given under proper precautions. The advantage of having an IR light therapist is that you don’t have to worry about future side effects. 

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IR therapy has been widely used to treat skin problems. The wide range of infrared light therapy benefits makes it one of the trusted light therapies. It is safe and doesn’t include any non-invasive methods. Some health benefits of taking infrared rays are weight loss, a better immune system, and wound healing. It is advised to undergo infrared therapy after proper consultation with a doctor.

Realign Spine has certified chiropractors who treat various problems. We use infrared light and cold lasers to reduce chronic pain in organs. Our therapy is 100% safe and painless. We also treat conditions like sciatica, herniated disc, chronic pain, migraines, etc. To book your appointment, contact us at +1 888-269-7246.

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