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 Left Arm Numbness: Causes And Treatment

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If you feel like your left arm is numb and can’t feel anything besides some tingling sensation, this is a sign of arm numbness. Arm weakness is also something that you may feel. Many reasons can lead to left arm pain and numbness, such as not sleeping in the correct position and putting a lot of pressure on it to have a heart attack. The treatment of left arm numbness depends on the cause of our problem. If you feel any serious symptoms or numbness for a long time, you should immediately seek medical help.  

Tingling and numbness are abnormal prickling sensations that can occur in any part of the body. The sensations are generally noticed in the feet, arms, legs, and hands. Left-arm numbness can also result from nerve damage or lack of blood supply to an area.  

What Is Left Arm Numbness?

If your left arm is numb, you cannot feel anything from your hand to your shoulder. You may also feel some tingling sensation like the pins and needles pricking your skin or weakness in your arm. 

What Are The Reasons Behind Left Arm Numbness?  

Many reasons can cause numbness in the left arm. Numbness due to a migraine headache or sleeping on your arm the wrong way will go away quickly. However, more serious causes of tingling or numbness in the left arm requires medical help. 

Spinal Problems    

Problems in the spine can lead to pinched nerves in the neck region, which is another possible reason behind left arm numbness. Other indications may include dizziness, headaches, neck stiffness or pain, muscle weakness, and muscle spasms. Examples of spinal complications include:

  • A herniated disc or slipped disc occurs in your neck region. 
  • Spinal stenosis happens in the neck; this is an age-related issue that can narrow down your spinal canal.
  • Cervical spondylosis is a natural wearing-down condition of the ligaments, cartilage, bones in the neck, and discs. 

Nerve Issues

Nerves are a part of our nervous system that dispatches the messages from your brain to the rest of your body parts. Compressed nerves or nerve damage can lead to tingling and numbness. Other systems that we can relate to including burning sensation or tingling, strange reactions to touch such as not feeling it, or even oversensitivity or muscle weakness. Example of nerve problems that can lead to left arm numbness includes:

  • When some tissue puts pressure on a nerve, it leads to a pinched nerve. 
  • The increased pressure in the median nerves of your wrist can cause carpal tunnel syndrome.  
  • The thoracic outlet syndrome is the injury, irritation, or pressure of the blood vessels or nerves in your upper chest and the lower neck. 
  • People with diabetes are usually faced with peripheral neuro therapy. It can also occur when your body is not getting sufficient vitamin B12 or B1.

Multiple Sclerosis

Tingling and numbness in the arm can be early multiple sclerosis (MS) symptoms. Multiple sclerosis disorder harms the spinal cord and brain of a person. If multiple sclerosis can lead to damage to nerves, it can also be the reason behind the complete lack of feeling in your arm. Other indications of multiple sclerosis include coordination and balance problems, vertigo or dizziness, and extreme tiredness (fatigue). 

Treatment For Left Arm Numbness

When dealing with pain and numbness in left arm numbness, you should immediately go to a doctor. The doctor will ask for your complete medical history. When you go to a doctor, you should tell all the symptoms you are feeling, even if you feel like they are not related to your left arm numbness. Depending on what the doctor finds in the physical examination, they can order additional tests. These tests may include electrolyte level testing, blood tests, vitamin level testing, etc. the doctor can also suggest a lumbar puncture or spinal tap. 

There may also be some imaging tests that can take place, such as CT scan, X-ray, MRI, angiogram, and ultrasound of the arm so that the doctor can identify the problem behind the numbness. 

If you have multiple sclerosis and feel its effects, such as tingling or numbness, the doctor can prescribe various medicines. 

Carpal tunnel syndrome is generally treated using over-the-counter pain medicines, wrist braces, surgery (in extreme cases), nerve gliding exercise, and refraining from doing any trigger activities. 

Physiotherapy Treatment

The treatment of the left arm numbness depends on its causes. You can go to a physiotherapist for the treatment of your arm. When you go to a physiotherapist, he will do a detailed assessment of your issue to find out the source of your problem. Based on the findings, the physiotherapist will decide the treatment. 

Identification of a nerve injury is done by taking a comprehensive, objective examination and getting the patient’s medical history. The test is done to confirm a pinched nerve’s appearance and establish the extent of the nerve injury.

A nerve pinched due to some other issue or by bone will need physiotherapy treatment to enable the full functioning of the nerves to restart. Nerve compression can be harmful if left untreated for a long time. Therefore, you must take advice from a highly trained medical professional, as early diagnosis is the key for full-body functioning to resume. 

Some of the most common treatments that physiotherapists use if a person feels some kind of left arm numbness are:

  • Massage
  • Strengthening Exercises
  • Neural dynamic stretches
  • Electrotherapy (TENS, PSWD, Interferential)
  • Pain management
  • Normalizing sensation
  • Nerve gliding sequence

At Realign Spine, our physiotherapists use specialized equipment and tools to help and fix the damage. The physiotherapists in our clinic are highly trained professionals that can reverse the nerve damage. The physiotherapists can help recommend diet, exercise, routine, and medication to help fix the problem. The physiotherapists also use non-invasive procedures to locate and treat the problem.   

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