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Can A Chiropractor Help Me With My Dead Arm And Arm Numbness?

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Many of you might not have heard of the term ‘dead arm’ before. Have you ever felt numbness in your left arm? Or has your throwing speed been reduced? You might have developed a dead arm syndrome. In simple terms, dead arm syndrome is a condition in which your shoulders feel sharp, sudden, and paralyzing pain. Primarily it is caused by repeated movements that place stress on the joint. You might have noticed some of the famous baseball pitchers, volleyball, and tennis players have to take a rest and miss their crucial matches because they are having arm numbness and tingling in their right hand. They have a higher risk of developing dead arm syndrome.

If not treated early, the shoulder will become unstable and result in discomfort and pain in the affected area. Also, it will become quite hard to perform overhead motions, such as throwing a baseball or serving at a tennis court. People generally develop dead arm syndrome if they play these kinds of sports.

You may be wondering how arm numbness and dead arm syndrome are related to each other? Let’s find out. Left or right arm numbness and tingling is generally an abnormal condition in which you feel a lack of sensation in your arms. Also, it is one of the symptoms of dead arm syndrome. 

Shoulder Pain And Arm Numbness Symptoms

As we know, pain or weakness in the upper arm during a throwing movement is known as dead arm syndrome. It can occur either slowly or suddenly. Also, it may occur with a few symptoms or a combination of symptoms. The most common sign is feeling limpness, while you may observe other symptoms such as:

  • Muscle rigidity
  • Joint stiffness
  • Reduction in throwing speed
  • Unable to move your shoulder
  • Tiredness in legs
  • Inability to throw objects properly

Sometimes, you may feel some unusual symptoms that might indicate some life-threatening conditions. In such cases, you should get immediate help from your physician. Following are some of the life-threatening symptoms: 

  • Right of left arm pain and numbness followed by a head, neck, or back injury
  • Sudden loss of consciousness
  • Difficulty in breathing properly
  • Difficulty in walking
  • Constantly feeling weak or dizzy
  • Loss or change in eye-sight
  • Slurred speech
  • Paralysis

Causes Of Dead Arm Syndrome And Arm Numbness

Generally, dead arm syndrome is caused by repetitive movements, while arm numbness is caused by several diseases and disorders that restrict blood flow or cause injury to the nerves. Firstly, let’s study the causes of dead arm syndrome before going further to arm numbness. 

The bands of tissue that connect bones and support the joints are known as ligaments, and when you repeatedly move your hands in activities such as throwing, your ligament stretches. This also makes your ligament loose which results in shoulder instability. 

The ailment also occurs when your rotator cuff tendons (a group of muscles and tendons covering your upper arm bone) are injured. It helps to stabilize the shoulder and allow it to move with a full range of motion. Activities like repeated throwing put a lot of pressure on the rotator cuff tendons. 

Let’s move on to arm numbness. You may feel temporary arm numbness if you put prolonged pressure on your nerves due to fine motor activities such as drawing or sleeping in an incorrect position. 

It also occurs with severe circulatory and orthopedic conditions and ailments that cause damage to the nervous system. Furthermore, bilateral arm numbness is caused by several body-wide diseases such as multiple sclerosis, diabetes, or anemia. In contrast, unilateral arm numbness is caused by a broken bone, stroke, or a pinched nerve. 

How To Treat Dead Arm Syndrome And Arm Numbness?

Treatment of dead arm syndrome will improve the stability and strength of your shoulder. In contrast, treatment for arm numbness and tingling generally depends on the symptoms, and your doctor may resolve any underlying medical conditions in the first place. 

Treatment for dead arm syndrome generally includes:

  • Focus on rest: It is essential to take frequent breaks and reduce your regular activities for a while. This will help you to prevent your symptoms from getting worse. 
  • Use of ice: Applying ice may help you get some relief from pain, but this should not be done without the advice of a doctor. 
  • Physical therapy: The role of a physical therapist is quite significant. They will help you know how to strengthen your muscles. 
  • Anti-inflammatory medications: Anti-inflammatory medicines such as aspirin and ibuprofen would help you get rid of the pain for a certain amount of time. 
  • Operation: If all the treatments mentioned above fail to work, surgery remains the last option. A surgeon would examine your disorder and help you repair ligaments & tendons in your shoulders. 

How Doctors At Realign Spine Can Help You?

RealignSpine is known to provide chiropractic and spine-related services at very affordable prices. Dr. Shaub, a former professional basketball team chiropractor, deals with several sports injuries such as dead arm, arm numbness, bursitis, hip and hamstring tightness, flat feet, text next, and many more. If you are looking for a reliable team of chiropractors who can treat your dead arm syndrome, you won’t find anything better than the team of Realign Spine.

Is Consulting A Chiropractor For Arm Numbness And Dead Arm Syndrome A Good Option?

First of all, let us find out who are chiropractors and how they are different from other doctors. Chiropractors are healthcare professionals who deal with the neuromusculoskeletal system’s disorders such as bones, nerves, tendons, ligaments, and muscles. Unlike surgeons, these experts help manage back and neck pain through the use of spinal adjustments. Furthermore, they focus on the ability of the body to self-heal through treatments such as nutrition and exercise. 

Now you must be googling the best chiropractor near me or how to fix a dead arm with the help of a chiropractor. If I am not wrong. Let us find out how a chiropractor helps with these disorders. 

A chiropractor would study the root cause of your ailment before determining the best course of treatment. For this, the doctor would start with a thorough examination; these can include:

  • Orthopedic tests
  • Neurological tests
  • Muscle tests
  • Range of motion tests

After examining the affected area, the doctor may ask you for X-Rays, and if the source of sensation is not clear, they may order an MRI or CT scan. The doctor may plan an effective treatment to eliminate sensation and restore nerve function. Generally, the traditional methods offered by a chiropractor provide immense relief. Furthermore, they may provide additional treatments such as spinal manipulation, deep-tissue massage, chiropractic adjustment, and many more if needed. These treatments may help reposition the spinal column bones, also known as vertebrae. They also help release pressure and get rid of toxins. 

Unlike other treatments, chiropractic treatment ameliorates circulation and relieves tension on neural tracts. Also, it helps in improving the overall wellness and health of the whole body. 

If you want to know more about dead arm syndrome and arm numbness, don’t forget to visit the Realign Spine website. 

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