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 Is Chiropractic Care Effective In Cervicogenic Headaches?

How Long Do Migraines Last and Can A Chiropractor Help It?

Headaches are common in any person’s life these days. There are several stages of a headache. It starts from dull to severe headaches that can affect a person’s daily life. The headaches can lead to a person not being able to function properly. Not every type of headache is similar for every person. Some of the most common types that people experience are a result of tension. Headaches due to migraine occur because of pain developed in the joints. 

What Is A Cervicogenic Headache?

A cervicogenic headache is one that occurs from issues in the cervical spine. It can result from issues in the muscles, tendons in the neck, or an issue in the spine itself. Soft tissues in the neck region comprise fascia, muscles, nerves, connective tissues, discs, and ligaments. Patients with cervicogenic headaches can feel stiffness and neck tenderness. In usual cases, it is present only on one side. But in some cases, it may be present on both sides of the skull. Medium to a high level of pain starts from the neck. And begins to spread to the areas around the region above the eyes, temples, base of the skull, and forehead. 

In a small portion of cases, this pain may extend to the arm on the same side as the headache. Symptomatic incidents can last for longer periods ranging from a few hours to days on one end. The usual trait of this form of headache is continuous pain. This pain in cervicogenic headaches can be deep but not severe. Some people who are dealing with this problem say that it feels like somebody is putting pressure on their forehead or there’s a tight band wrapped around their forehead. One can set off its symptoms by keeping an awkward body posture or by sitting for long hours every day.  

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Spinal Manipulative Therapy For Cervicogenic Headaches

Latest studies claim that patients who suffer from Cervicogenic headaches react positively to spinal manipulative therapy. This therapy reduces the symptoms such as the intensity of the pain, the disabilities linked with this type of headache, and the frequency. One research study pointed out that SMT is better than other therapies in the short term. The study continued to report that it is not much effective in the long run when combating Cervicogenic headaches. In simple words, we can say that SMT is a good treatment for swiftly decreasing the intensity of headaches and other symptoms. The report also says that the benefits of this treatment were instant. And the patients were feeling a decrease or complete removal of headaches in the long run. 

Cervicogenic Headache Relief With Chiropractic Care

Cervicogenic headaches are not something that will go away if we just wait them out. Treatment for this type of problem is necessary. Chiropractic therapy is effective in cervicogenic headache treatment.

A recent study contrasted the effects of chiropractic treatment with regular therapeutic treatment. It found that Chiropractic care is way more successful in the treatment of Cervicogenic headaches. The studies found that after receiving nearly eight sessions of adjustment of the upper back and neck, people suffering from cervicogenic headaches felt a much lesser intensity of pain in their heads and disability compared to those who did not receive chiropractic care. 

Patients who were receiving adjustments also had less frequent and shorter headaches compared to the ones who did not receive adjustments. People who received the care treatment were found to be more satisfied with the results than the people who received the standard treatment. According to cervicogenic headache icd 10, this treatment is safe and very effective. 

What Are The Exercises For Cervicogenic Headaches?

Along with chiropractic care, people with Cervicogenic headaches should exercise as well. Also, there are some exercises that doctors advise for people with this problem.

Corn Pec Stretch

Cervicogenic headache exercises are beneficial for people who suffer from bad posture. You can stand in the corner with one leg placed a little in front of the other leg. Now you put both your arms up on the wall on either side of your head. The arms should be placed up in a ninety-degree position, and the elbows should be bent at a ninety-degree position. You should put your neck and back in a straight upright position. Now you have to transfer the weight of your body to the front leg and feel a pleasant stretch on both sides of the chest at the front. Now you hold this position for at least ten seconds and repeat it three times. You can also do this exercise three times a day. 

Foam Roller Lying

In this exercise, you should lie down on your back on top of a foam roller, with the foam roller placed under the base of your neck to just below the tailbone. You can use a pillow for head support and keep your knees bent upwards to ease your lower back region. Put your hands on either side of you, making your shoulders relax and your chest muscles tight. By doing this exercise, you can fix your poor posture habits. Do this exercise two times a day for ten minutes.

Sitting Position 

You can use these three simple tips if you feel you have been slumping and your posture needs correction.

  • Keep your feet flat on the ground and completely support your back by the chair.
  • You must look for a perfect good neutral pelvis position and balance your position between completely slouching and completely arching your lower back. 
  • Start breathing, now feel your sternum and the upper part of your rib cage rising during the inhalation process with your shoulders shrugging. During exhale, you should keep your sternum lifted and sense your shoulders gently relaxing back down to their natural position.  

These exercises are good for elongating your neck and fixing your posture. 

If you are experiencing any symptoms of Cervicogenic headache chiropractor can help you with that. We at Realign Spine provide a number of services such as gentle chiropractic methods, spine realignment, and at-home exercises. Visit our official website to learn about our services and get in-depth guidance from our certified team.

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