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Difference Between Herniated Disc And Sciatica And Its Treatment

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Back pain or leg pain can be a real problem. It can cause a disturbance in your everyday life. It can interrupt your everyday work and make sleep patterns difficult to follow. And the main cause behind this pain can be herniated disc and sciatica. These two problems are interrelated but have different effects and symptoms.

In this time of the internet, individuals can find a lot of information with just a click. However, everything you read on the internet doesn’t need to be accurate. In medical cases, it is extremely unreliable and cannot be depended upon. To know about the exact cause of your problem, you should visit Realign Spine, where doctors will do a thorough diagnosis.

What Is A Herniated Disc?

The bones that make the spine are called vertebrae. And some vertebrae in our body are cushioned with a jelly-like substance known as discs. The discs are round, small, and pillow-like in shape. These discs allow the human body to bend over and move freely.

However, when a disc starts slipping between two vertebrae, it can lead to serious health problems. It will lead to extreme pain in the back and can hurt or compress the spinal nerves. The condition is what we call herniated disc.

What Is Sciatica?

When you feel pain in your leg or lower back, essentially from your hip area to your foot region, then the reason behind it may be sciatica. The problem may occur because of the compression or damage to the sciatic nerve. Sciatica is quite common among people and can be treated using different methods.

Sciatica nerves are made from lower nerve roots that originate in the lumbar spine. When the nerves are irritated, it generally leads to pain in the hip region and leg. Sciatica pain is mainly connected to the herniated disc, but they still are two different problems.

Herniated Disc And Sciatica Symptoms

Herniated disc and sciatica are different, and thus their symptoms may vary. Below are herniated disc and sciatica symptoms to remember.

Herniated Disc Symptoms

The symptoms of a herniated disc are based on the size and location of a herniated disc. If your herniated disc is not pushing down or compressing any nerve, you may feel slight pain in the back or no pain at all. However, if the herniated disc compresses any important nerve, it can lead to chronic back pain, weakness, or numbness in the body part where the nerve travels to. A herniated disc is followed by lower back pains, or if you have been feeling lower back pain for a long time but periodically.

Sciatica Symptoms

Sciatica pain often takes place in the lower back region. The pressure on multiple nerves or one major nerve can lead to sciatic pain. If you feel any burning pain, numbness, and tingling that travels from your hip to your leg or maybe even your foot, then sciatica may be the reason behind it. Generally, it only takes place on one side of the foot or your hip. 

The pain that erupts from this problem is mostly shooting or sharp. And the pain can get worse with each movement you make, even movements like sitting or walking. If the condition is severe, the person will feel more pain in their legs instead of the lower back. Straightening your leg that is affected because of sciatica can also cause the pain to worsen.

Difference Between Herniated Disc And Sciatica

One of the key differences between herniated disc and sciatica is the treatment. You will need extra care if you are suffering from a herniated disc. However, sciatica is easily treatable and in a short period. If not treated on time, a herniated disc can become permanent and impact your everyday life. 

The two problems are very similar; thus, it is possible to mistake them for each other. To understand the problem properly, doctors need a careful diagnosis. Sciatica is a curable condition, but herniated disc may be permanent. Nonetheless, it is possible to treat the herniated disc through various means. The best method a doctor can use to detect the problem is through an MRI scan.  

Herniated Disc And Sciatica Treatment 

Both herniated disc and sciatica treatment can be done using several methods. Two of them are given below:

Herniated Disc Treatment 

The symptoms of a herniated disc can be treated using several methods. Keep in mind that treat and curing are two different words. You cannot cure herniated discs, but they can be treated to keep your symptoms in check and prevent further damage. Things you can do to keep your symptoms from getting worse:

  • You can do light activities or walk around for a bit to keep your muscles from getting stuck. 
  • If you feel acute pain in your hip area or leg, take some rest
  • You should get yourself treated and checked with a chiropractor or physiotherapist who can help you recommend certain exercises and align your spine if required. 
  • Along with chiropractic treatment, you can also use hot and cold treatment to help relieve the pain (make sure to ask your doctor first).  
  • In certain instances, the chiropractor can suggest spinal injections. 

Sciatica Treatment 

Sciatica can be treated using physiotherapy and chiropractic practice. Sciatica treatment does not require much time and can be treated easily. Chiropractors use exercises and medication to treat the back and leg to treat sciatica. It helps in fixing the problem without surgeries and non-invasive treatment plans. Through chiropractic care, you get long-lasting and minimally invasive back pain treatments.

However, the doctor can also suggest surgeries or injections to treat the patient in serious cases.

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The Solution To Your Problem

If you are undergoing any pain in your lower back and neck region, you should get yourself diagnosed immediately. The reason behind consistent or extreme lower pain in both areas can be herniated disc and sciatica. If you are searching for a professional or trustworthy place to get yourself diagnosed and treated, you should head to Realign Spine. At our clinic, we offer reliable drug-free and non-surgical treatment plans. 

Dr. Shaub at Realign Spine is a licensed specialist with 26 years of experience. He is certified by the NBCE (National Board of Chiropractic Examiners). He is also a member of several important associations and specializes in treating low back pain, sciatica, leg pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, and a lot more. At our clinic, you get multi-disciplinary models and treatment care plans to help treat any spinal problem. 

So, get your appointment today to live free of herniated disc and sciatica.

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